Sunday, October 9, 2022

Headed Back to the Office? Let's Make it Pretty.

The average person spends 90,000 hours of their life at work. One-third of their life... at. work.

Why couldn't I have been born with a trust fund?

Anyhoo, the pandemic sent a lot of the workforce from the office to their homes. And working from home can be amazing! Sitting at my desk, doing my thing, while watching reruns of Vanderpump Rules? As close to heaven as this girl might get.

But now that COVID-19 is starting to ebb, or at least, we have figured out how to better deal with it, a lot of us are being pushed back into the office. Well, that's not the spirit... we are being WELCOMED BACK to the office. Whichever helps you, I suppose.

Going back into the office does not have to be a bad thing. Sure, no more working in your jammies, but there are things we can do to make our office life more cozy, more comfortable, more like home.

Cubicle or office, standing desk or traditional, there are ways to personalize your workspace and make it a bit more like home. I know, you probably aren't looking forward to going back in... but let's at least make it pretty.


In my office, we have your standard modular office furnishings. In the above picture, you can (hopefully) see the fabric panels that line the wall by my desk. This drab fabric spreads the entire length of one wall in my office. I think the designer was like, you can totally pin up pictures on it and view the life that is going on without you because you're stuck at work!

This wasn't going to fly. I gave up pajamas for this. A change needed to be made.

I went to Walmart and made a bee-line for the fabric section. Walmart has upgraded their fabric options in the past few years. You can still get fabric by the yard, but they also have pre-packaged fabrics in so many colors and patterns, it was honestly hard to choose. But choose I did. I bought some straight pins as well, and headed to the office like a good little employee.

The type of fabric wall in my office is pretty flimsy. It can be moved and removed and jostled and flim-flammed. So covering this panel with fabric was pretty easy. I secured it with the straight pins, and like magic, there was prettiness.

Ask me what the pattern is, I dare you.

I don't know. BUT. The brand was Waverly and I bought it at Walmart. These are the hard-hitting facts you as my readers have come to expect. But really, what I like might not be what you like... so go browse your favorite fabric store and find a pretty fabric to cover the sad modular wall.

Once that was done (and really, it made a huge difference!) I decided to add some art. Also at Walmart (I swear, I don't have stock in Walmart or anything, it just worked out that way) I found the greatest 12x12 scrapbook paper collection!

The brand is Colorbok, with an umlaut over the last 'O'. Super fancy. And the collection is called "Conservatory". It is sturdy paper, double-sided, and filled with the prettiest papers! I just love it.

I ordered some frames from Amazon. Here's the link (not affiliate, I have no idea how to do that):

Simple frames, with mats included, plastic so they are really lightweight and they were a great price. Once those arrived, I was faced with the difficult decision of choosing eight (that's all I had room for) papers that perfectly went with the office ambiance that I was desperately trying to attain.

I just put these up with thumbtacks. A little flower vase (from Walmart again, I swear I don't work for them!) and my wall project was done. A better picture of the whole wall is forthcoming, but I can't show it just yet, because it would show my next office decor project... which I will post about next time!

I love and have missed you all! See you soon!

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 Financial Workbook

Well, hello there!  It's been a while, now hasn't it?

 Listen, do me a favor... save the lecture about how much of a slacker blogger I am and email it to me instead.  If I get enough, I'll turn them into a book.

So, I've been going through some tough stuff... stuff I can't even talk about now because it's still happening.  It's so stressful.  And since this is all very vague, let me tell you what it's NOT: I'm not getting divorced, I'm not pregnant, and I'm not bankrupt.  Really, it's none of those things.  I'm almost to the end of it, at which time I'll fill you in.  And when I do, you'll be like, "seriously? That was it?  She made it sound like she was facing prison time or something."  It's not prison time.


Let's get on with our post, shall we?  I made a thing!

So, I've shared my budget binder with you before... and it works just fine.  I've used it for years and it's great... but I wanted to change things up a bit.  So I made a financial workbook that has everything I need.

A weekly savings log with a place to list my weekly and yearly savings goals...

A place to write down each bill and mark when paid...

 The weekly budget sheet I've shared with you before (the same, but colorful!)...

 The check register I shared with you (again, colorful!)...

Monthly calendars with a motivational quote...

And pages to list monthly goals and a blank page to paste some vision board stuff to keep me motivated!  There are enough pages to get me through every paycheck, with a check register page for each one.  There are also a few pages not pictured, for helping pay off debt using the snowball method.  We are only a week into the year, but I love it already.  I went to Staples to get it printed and bound and when they showed me the finished product, my heart stopped.  I just loved it.

Office supply stores do that to me.

Now, I am selling this in my Etsy shop... but if you're reading this and you want one, I'll email one to you for free.  Because I love you.  And you're pretty.  I'll even put your name on the front.

Here's to a great financial year!

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Friday, January 9, 2015

DIY Felt Snowflake Runner

Hi everyone!  And Happy New Year!  I know, I know... I'm about a week late.  Whatevs, maybe I'll be on time next year.

It's freezing here.  No, really... FREEZING.  I currently have one frozen pipe in the upstairs bathroom that I'm dealing with and I am kicking myself for not replacing the living room windows before winter.  But it's alright.  I SURVIVED THE POLAR VORTEX OF 2014, I CAN SURVIVE THIS.


Since it's so cold out, I decided to embrace it with some decor. 

First, I found a ton of felt that I bought for a project that I never did.  I don't actually do that often, but I have found stashed materials before, so I needed to do something with it.

There's like two yards of it.  This project didn't even make a dent.

I cut out a runner, about 12" x 36" and then I laid it out on my grubby ottoman to take this picture:

My children are why I can't have nice things.

From here, I put on a crocheted border.  I found this on Pinterest that gave great instructions on how to do it.  

After that, I stitched up some snowflakes onto the middle... 

This one is my favorite.  I named him Chester.

And, viola... I had a runner.  I had accomplished something.  I AM QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE.

Ahem.  I seem to lose my mind a bit more since I gave birth to Lily.  Three children is apparently my insanity quotient.

This project took a few days to put together, but I do just love it.  Of course, it's so cold that I would probably love anything that made my lap warm as I worked on it.  This laptop is my best friend right now.

I'll try to be back next week to show you what else I made with the never-ending pile of felt... hint, it has more snowflakes on it.  I can't escape them.

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Blogging Planner for 2015

I know, I know, it's been FOR. EV. ER.

I've missed you.

I've been doing the best that I can over here, trying to get out of this funk that seems never-ending.  I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though, and I love all your sweet emails checking up on me!  I love it so much, I made another blogging planner for 2015.  And I'm giving it to you.  For free.  Because I'm generous... also because I know it's not awesome enough to charge for.  Whatevs, it's free. :)

I changed it up from last year:

I made the posts columns vertical instead of horizontal and added social media icons so you can check off when you've posted your stuff to Facebook and whatnot.  It is a two-sided planner, but the other side hasn't changed from last year.  Print it out and enjoy.

Find the planner here!  I left the front page blank so you could personalize it... Happy New Year!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gravestone Epitaphs for Halloween!

Hello my spooky readers!  We are getting close to Halloween and I can hardly wait!  Can't you just smell the candy corn and sugar-buzzed children?  I know I can.

A few years ago, I showed you how to make some awesome tombstones for your Halloween display.  These are so easy to make and they are so great for the holiday.  The hardest part of making these tombstones is figuring out what to inscribe for the epitaph.  Really, I had fits about it.  So, because I love you and don't want you to suffer like I did, I've rounded up some great sayings for your Halloween gravestones!

Mann Down
Pardon Me for Not Rising

Claire Voyance
She Should Have Seen it Coming

It Stinks Down Here

Ben Dismembered
May He Rest In Pieces

Izzy Dead
Let's All Hope So

Radio Star
Killed by Video

Lee Ving
He Couldn't Stay

Colin Collect
Please Accept the Charges

Hammond Eggs
Died Over Breakfast

Lee Ning
He Finally Fell Over

Sal Manilla
Died of Food Poisoning

Ron D. Vous
He Met With Death

And of course, the classic epitaph:

I told you I was sick.

Are there any great ones I missed?  Leave 'em in the comments!

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Coffin Craft for Under $3

Hey there, everyone!  Missed you bunches.  In order to cope with the separation from you, I have been eating vast amounts of chocolate.  It has helped, truly.

Today, I'm showing you the craft I spent a whole $3 on.  Three smackaroos.  Tres buckos.  Oh, and it took like, ten minutes.

I bought three little wooden coffins at Michael's for $0.99 each.  SCORE.

I painted the sides grayish...

And then I put a little scrapbook paper on the front.  I used a glue stick.  Hard core crafting, yo.

Aren't they cute?  Speaking from experience, it's not easy to craft something for Halloween and only spend $3... I call this a win. :)

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's October, Baby!

Is it weird that I call you 'baby'?  I mean, I hope it isn't.  We're so close and all... You can call me 'snookums'.  Totally fair.

First things first:  You guys rock my socks.  Truly.  My last post was really hard to type and hitting the "Publish" button was really rough for me.  But, I was trying to keep things real... and it's not always sunshine and roses in my world.  You guys gave me some amazing feedback.  I got comments and emails from some of you that were really amazing... and I realized that I'm not alone.

To answer a question I got quite a bit: yes, I did see a doctor about this.  The answer she gave me was to medicate, but she didn't recommend it until I was done nursing Lily-bean.  I really set a goal to breastfeed until she was one year old, and when I set a goal, I'm like a pitbull.  Or a rottweiler.  Or whatever dog is really good at achieving goals.  I promised the hubs that if it got too bad, I would switch Lily to formula and take what the doctor recommended; I'm no good to my kids if I'm a wreck.


I think I will make it through this.  And honestly, FOR TRUE, I can't thank you guys enough.  I wanted to email all of you back for your comments, but all I'm getting lately are no-reply comments.  So, if you commented, I totally had a reply for you.  And it's the thought that counts. :)  If you emailed me, I'm trying to get throught them all... and I know you'll be patient... because you're awesome... and exceptionally good looking.

Anyhoos, IT IS OCTOBER.  So exciting!  I have done a "31 Days of Halloween" in the past years and really planned on doing it again this year, but time was not on my side.  Next year, I've got you covered.  To get us through the month, I've got a few Halloween crafts up my sleeve, but I'll also be sharing some of my greatest hits.  Because really, who doesn't love the classics?

Thanks again, guys.  You guys are awesome-sauce. 

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