Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My manifesto, A.K.A. "What You Should Never Pay Full Price For".

I've been couponing for a few years now, and in that short time I have figured out what I can always get for free.  And there are several things, useful items that cost more than a couple of bucks, THAT YOU SHOULD NEVER PAY FULL PRICE FOR.

Let's talk about your teeth.  While I do love the samples they give at the dentist for your six-month check-up, those are certainly not enough to last you throughout the year.  But you can get free toothpaste and floss if you pair up sales with coupons.  And it's CONSTANT. As in, there is a deal EVERY MONTH somewhere for free toothpaste.  I have so much free toothpaste, no one in this house has any excuse for a cavity EVER AGAIN.  It's almost like the toothpaste companies WANT us to get their products for free.  Sometimes, when I'm grocery shopping, I will see someone with a box of Crest in their cart and no coupons to be seen.  I want to rush over to them and scream 'DON'T PAY FULL PRICE FOR THAT, I HAVE COUPONS!!'.  But they would probably think I'm weird and have me escorted from the premises.

I often say that couponing is like a religion: some people are not ready to hear the good word.

Some stuff, you have to pay for, there's just no getting around it.  But that doesn't mean you pay full price.  I can get razors, shampoo, lotion, pain medication, body wash, deodorant, vitamins, and various other items for pennies.  Really.  PENNIES.

I'll be posting about my couponing trips soon and I'll post the receipts too, so you can see that you really can get stuff for cheap.  Come to the coupon side, we're fun over here.


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