Monday, June 20, 2011

My Walgreens Trip on Saturday, CVS on Sunday

Walgreens has not been terrific with its sales lately... and now, a lot of Walgreens stores are putting limits on their RR items, so it's a bit harder to do several transactions like we used to be able to do.  But I'm a tough cookie... also I sweet talk the managers into letting me do two itty-bitty transactions if it's the last day of the sale.  I got this:

Most of it was not a coupon deal, I was just getting free stuff with the RRs that are expiring tomorrow.  I needed eggs, corn, and Jell-O, and I start getting school supplies way before school is back in session. The soda and the candy is just evidence of a weak-willed woman shopping. Yup.  I have my moments.  I paid $0.89 before taxes, and got RRs back for the razors and lip balm.

I haven't talked much about CVS, I don't think... but they have my heart, too.  I went on Sunday and got free chocolate (it's as if I was SUPPOSED to eat chocolate this week) and free hair gel.  I use a different brand, but my 6-year old son recently decided to start spiking his hair.  Adorable.  At any rate, he can use this brand while I use my brand and everyone is happy.  The Cottonelle Fresh Wipes were free too, thanks to a coupon the company sent me.  I love free.

I paid less than $2 before tax and got more ECBs for next week... If you don't have a CVS card, you need to get one.  You can thank me later.

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