Monday, June 27, 2011

No, Mail-In-Rebates Are NOT A Waste Of Your Time.

OK, you gotta stick with me on this one... I'm about to encourage you to spend 5 minutes of your time and one postage stamp to make $3. Yep.

I'm talking about Mail-In-Rebates.  If you look for them, you'll see they are everywhere.  I find them mostly on new products, but they are on the same products you've bought a hundred times, too.  And I'll bet you don't always submit them.

My heart hurt a little when you just agreed with that.

I suppose I can understand why you would be reluctant.  Millions of MIRs go unclaimed every year, a fact that also makes my heart hurt a little.  So why should you exert the effort for a few dollars? Read on, my friend.

I'll start by telling you that it's basically free money.  If you are going to buy the product anyway, why not send in the receipt, UPC, first born, and papal edict that they are requesting from you? (Totally kidding there... they sometimes don't require the UPC. :) )  You are spending the money and I'll bet it wasn't given to you.  Turn around and get it back.

So you're saying that it's just a small amount of money?  Maybe it is... but those 'small amounts' actually do add up.  Last year, I submitted enough rebates to get back $100 in checks from companies.  And I promptly filled up my gas tank with it.  But I digress.

So now you're saying that it's too complicated, there are too many steps, and you are far too busy to bother with them.  I hear you... totally.  Most of my day is spent telling my two-year old that he cannot play on the roof.  But in actuality, it doesn't take long to fill out the little form.  In fact, it will be the easiest thing you do all day.

You don't have to do it now... but promise me that some time this year, you will send away for a rebate.  As I tell my children often, try it, you'll probably like it.

You know what else you would like? Following me.  And I would like it too... I follow back!

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