Friday, June 3, 2011

The other toys better watch out.

During some ill-conceived lapse in judgement, I bought my 6-year old son some Bendaroos.  Are any of you familiar with these?  If you can't immediately figure out what they are, you are much smarter than I and have never purchased them.  Please don't rub it in.

They are little wax sticks.  As per the commercial, you can bend them, twist them, build them... and pick them out of your carpet for a billion years.  The kids did like them, absolutely... but if even ONE of them didn't get picked up, you're on your hands and knees with an exacto knife scraping it out of your carpet fibers.  And not for nothing, but I got better stuff to do.  For realsies.

My son had a baggie of them on his lap the other day, and he was swirling them up into these little... well... swirls.  I didn't get a degree in journalism, folks, and we're all paying the price for my lack of descriptive skills.  I was looking at those little swirls and thinking, "I can make something with those things... and then they'll be used up... and I won't have to pick them out of the carpet... and I could really go for a milkshake right about now."

So I did it.  Made something with the waxy swirls that is, not get a milkshake.  I rounded up some waxy strips and an old picture frame that had been disassembled by tiny hands.

 There were millions of these things... in every color of the rainbow and then some.  I was in hell.

 I made them into little swirls, with the diligent help of my son.  He was much more adept at making these than I was, what with his nimble little fingers and all. (Do you see those work boots in the background? Yeah... no matter where they get put, they end up where they started. My children won't play with their actual toys but boots will keep them occupied for hours.)

 Then I lined them up and glued them into place on the frame.  I couldn't use my hot glue gun, (which I did cry about 'cause my hot glue gun is my bestie) so I turned to the old standby: regular Elmer's glue.  It's not just for construction paper anymore.

I always fret about what to put in frames.  Really.  Fret.  So I went the easy route and put our last name initial with a little flourish in it.  Easy-peasy, as my son would say.  If I can figure something decorative to do with those legos, they'd better watch their sharp little backs.

Now, how about that milkshake?

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  1. Haha! Love the bendaroo picture frame - it looks fantastic - you are so creative! I'm visiting you from Thrifty Decor Chick, glad to meet you. Your blog is lovely!

  2. That turned out very cute! And I'm glad you got to play with some toys. ;-)
    Thanks for your kind comment on my 'chocolate' coffee table!


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