Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wrought Iron, Except It's Not.

Before I start talking about this awesome project, I have to give some props to the blogger who inspired it. Her name is Suzy. She has a sitcom. I haven't found it in my local listings yet, which probably means she held out for the big HBO or Showtime money. Smart girl.

See Suzy's blog here. Really. Go look at it, I'll wait.

Did you look? Was it not awesome? The project that she blogged about here was just begging to be created. To be an ethical blogger, I emailed Suzy to beg for her permission to blog about this project.  The convo went something like this:

Me: Hey, Suze.
Suzy: Yo, what up?
Me: Can I copy your project?
Suzy: Yeah, that's cool.

We sounded more educated in real life.

So I did it:

That's right... wrought iron.  I spent days upon days with a welder and iron scraps.  OK, I actually made it from toilet paper rolls.  Yup.

First, you call your family and ask them to save all their toilet paper and paper towel rolls.  You then take questions from said family about this insane request.  Trust me though, this project will impress them once you're done.

Once you've acquired a ridiculous amount of toilet paper and paper towel rolls (I didn't count how many I used because I am thoughtless. It was more than 10, less than 50.  I'm a big help.)  you find some wood for the frames.  I had some leftover board from a previous project, so I had the hubster cut them into 10" strips to make a 10" square frame and I found some wrought iron art online to use as a guide.  Then, the fun began.

Cut your toilet paper rolls down the side and unfold it, keeping the curl. I used one of the strips to measure out the right width of toilet paper roll strips and cut a million of them.  See here:

Suzy did an awesome quilled monogram project that I would also like to do eventually... but I can only steal one project at a time from her.  Anyway, to make the curls, you pretend to be a quiller... take your toilet paper roll strip and wrap it around a bamboo skewer, or a paintbrush like I did:

I used paper towel rolls for the long straight strips, just cut longways instead of with the curl.  Did that make any sense?  It's not as hard as I'm making it sound, trust me.  Wrap the toilet paper roll strip around the stick and get a good curl.  Shape the curl to match the shape you're going for and hot glue it into place.  The curl stays curly.  Awesome.

I worked from the center out, since that was easier for me to do... I think Suzy did it by sections, but whatever way works for you, works for me.  I'm so agreeable, despite what my husband might say.  Anyhoo, you keep working until you've made art:

Toilet paper roll art.  Yes, really.

I made four in total, with a different design for each.  Would you believe that each one only took about an hour to finish?  The whole project was done in two nights... and one of those nights was a "Real Housewives" on TV night, so I was busy for most of it.  Yes, I watch that show.

I bought some 'hammered finish' spray paint to give it a metal look, and that was the only money spent for this project.  Love it.  To recap:

Visit Suzy.  You'll like her.  'Cause she knows Tom Selleck.  Yup.

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  1. Wow!!!! that is had me fooled..

  2. Suzy is one of the awesome crafter on the web..i love her crafts,she is amazing lady!she always come up with a unique idea :)
    & this is a lovely post as well!!

  3. This is seriously gorgeous! I made some flowers out of toilet paper rolls but I definitely think I like these better. So pretty! Glad I found your blog. Thanks for sharing. I'm your newest follower :)

  4. Looooove this!! Great job. I'll have to try it

  5. PS, I am your newest follower--I'd love if you'd come follow me!

  6. Oh my goodness.....LIGHT BULB.....this gives me a great idea! I hope I can actually make it into fruition! Thanks again for the fantastic inspiration!

    Jennifer @

  7. Hey girly!

    AWESOME job!!! With your permission, I'll feature them at the end of the month in my "Features and Thank you's" post.

    Love your blog, by the way.


  8. I am just reminding everyone about tonights link party that runs Friday evening through Mondays!
    I also have an ongoing give away link party now too.
    Hope to see you soon.
    come strut your stuff

  9. I'm so impressed! I still can't believe your project isn't wrought iron!! I guess I need to start saving my toilet paper rolls! =)

  10. HOW GREAT IS THAT?!! I laughed out loud so hard my hubby asked "What's wrong with you!?"

    This is def an "I gotttta do this" project for this Suz (I'm a Suzi too!)

    Light weight too, I image!
    Visiting thru linky party at "Finding Fabulous" on 6/25/11
    in Illinois
    (I'm Suzanne)

  11. I have a tp project waiting to be started, but this looks sooooo good too. Who would think it wasn't real? Good job! I'm stopping by from the Sunday Showcase party. I would love for you to link this up to My Favorite Things party! It's going on all week,
    & be sure to check out my giveaway too!

  12. oh my gosh definitely some talent there great job they look amazing

  13. Looks great and it's awesome that you pointed us back to your inspiration. What a nice blogger! ;)

  14. I LOVE this! I have a craft/recipe section on my blog where I feature other blogger's crafts and recipes. I would need one pic, and then I would link everything back to your site. Let me know if you're interested!
    :) Thanks!

  15. Wonderful craft! I've tried the idea with butterflies and flowers in a glass. Thanks a lot!

  16. This is just amazing! I've made TP roll flowers, but this is on a whole new level! I would love it if you would link up to my Tuesday Confessional link party going on now:
    ~Macy from Confessions of a SAHM

  17. This is absolutely amazing!! I would have never guessed this was not real wrought iron! Great job!!

  18. It's amazing how something that I usually just throw away can turn into something as elegant as this. I remember seeing this project featured at Curbly... could it be this or Suzy's project?

  19. Looks great! I've made 1 TP roll project, and am working up to doing these squares. Thanks for the inspiration.

  20. Thank you so much for linking up to Tuesday Confessional. You've been featured, so grab yourself a button and get your brag on!

  21. This is so awesome! I found you via tatertots and jello and really like your blog. I am a new follower! :) I would love for you to stop by my blog and share a project at my link party...hope to see you there!


  22. I am featuring this project at the next Social Saturdays link party.

    Thank you for sharing last week, and I hope to see you again this Saturday! :)


  23. awesome project! Loved your convo with Suzy. I'll get you on blogroll girl, now following you =)

  24. I love how yours turned out...I've seen Suzy's too and I loved them!!

    Thanks so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"...and putting my button on your blog!! :)

  25. My jaw dropped open! I can't believe how good this looks and how simple and inexpensive!

  26. I pinned this on Pinterest, posted on my FB, and featured in my blog. Thanks for linking up at Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

  27. I absolutely love this!! I am falling short of words to praise this. One of the best projects in blogland, I'd say. Would love to see this linked up at Tea Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner, if you haven't already.

    Pinning it. Thanks for sharing :)

  28. This is awesome, I have pinned it. Now I have to start by collecting rolls....great work.

  29. This wall art has been featured on Kreative Korner. I am sure my readers will love it just like I do. Feel free to grab the 'Featured' button from my side bar and use it on your blog.

    Thanks for linking up at Tea-Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner. Your post added to the celebration. Party for this week is going on now. Hope to see you there.

  30. Super Awesome! It will fit exactly in our house, so I'm going to make some. I love it! I'm a new follower.:)

  31. I can't believe they are made from paper they look like the expensive iron wall art. Great job :)

  32. Wow! I've been meaning to put some type of wrought iron in the glass transom over my front door (for six's on the project list). Now that you have shown my a practically no cost way to do it, it might actually get done. Very funny text to go along with the great pictures. I saw your post via Pinterest.

  33. first thx for your sweet comment and Im defintely a new follower...OMG I loved this it will be on my to do list :)
    Rasha @ mychampagnetaste

  34. Hello, nice site. Posted by myself in bookmarks

  35. I'm new and would love to try this. I'm always looking for new ideas to dress up my walls without paying crazy prices.

  36. I took these same ideas and in the middle I monogrammed it still using toilet paper rolls... I made the frame 20x20 instead of 10x10 and gave them as gifts. Needless to say my whole family is wanting on for there own houses... Would love to upload a pic on. Here but not sure how to do so...

    1. I would love to see what you made! Email me a picture!

  37. Wow these are amazing! I've made toilet paper projects before, but nothing at this level. Thanks so much for sharing and think I want to make a larger one to hang in my new bathroom. Thanks again for the inspiration and directions to Suzy's blog. : )

  38. Yeup! This is definitely on my to do list!! :)
    Sometimes I can be a little slow, so could you please clarify what is the "right length" for cutting the paper towel rolls? I'm visualizing the curls curling in on itself if the roll is cut up the middle from opening to opening.

  39. Ok I'm an idiot. Lol. I definitely shouldn't read (or write) past midnight. Took me a while to "get" it. But now that I do I just can't WAIT to try it.

    I blogged a bit about a similar projects for my bedroom. But this quilling technique will be perfect for my living room.

    Simply stunning!!

    Amber :)

  40. I cannot believe this is paper! It looks awesome!

  41. Almost a year ago to the date :) This project is so super cool. It totally looks like iron. AMAZING! You really are thrifty and crafty GIRL!! Thanks so much for linking up. Hope to see you on there again soon.

  42. I've seen a lot of those large wall art displays made from toilet paper rolls. None inspired me. But, this surely does! They look so real.

  43. I LOVE THIS!!! I think I might even try my hand at it! I've been gathering some toilet paper and paper towel rolls thinking a project would come along that would just "talk to me", but clearly I still need many, many more. This is GREAT! I found you via the "thrifty under $10" link up. Great job!


  44. I got one made like this from a friend because I thought it's really metal made. And then I realized that I could actually make my own, inspired by your creation. You gave me an inspiration to do better than what my friend gave me. but of course, I truly thank him for making me one.

  45. Hey TCG!!
    Are you the Pricilla I know from Pride Elementary?! If not, I'm sorry, but I L💙💜VE your Ideas💡💡Creatively, Nance Payntergirl🎨

  46. hi could you paint/spray your pieces first would it be easier than doing it after its all put together, must be hard to get in the small corners etc

  47. I love Toilet paper roll art too!! Your pieces look amazing!! I have some pieces of my own. Check them out at

  48. My boyfriend says I use too much tp. Now I have an excuse.


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