Friday, July 29, 2011

Binders Are The Key To My Heart.

If you could see inside my heart, you would see rows and rows of filing cabinets with binders lined up neatly on top.  Truly... my heart skips a beat just thinking of it.  But regular binders aren't enough anymore... no, my binder fix needs to be heightened a bit to feel the full effect.  Thank goodness for Target.

Target (I sometimes call it Tar-jay and tell people it's a French import store) has cute binders.  Adorable binders.  Good quality, adorable, cute binders.  And I'm cleaning 'em out.

You've seen the recipe binder.  I have an upcoming post about my home binder.  And today, I shall tell you about my idea binder.

"An idea binder?" you ask yourself.  "Whatever is that for?"  It's for my ideas.  I get lots of them.  When my entire kitchen table became littered with magazine articles, post-it notes, letters, doodles, and various other pieces of paper that have some hare-brained scheme awesome project sketched out on them, I knew I had to do something.  Enter the Target binder.

Look at it.  If it were a person, I would ask it out on a date.  I am in love with it.  I bought some index dividers while I was there to separate the crazy genius ideas that come spilling forth from my brain.  I bought some notebook paper to fill it as well.

I picked some topics for my binder and printed them out in pretty font.  My handwriting isn't good enough for this binder.

I only bought one package of dividers so I only have five sections.  If I had my way, I'd have eleventy billion sections and the binder would be 800 inches wide... but I need to show some restraint for cripes sake.

I used contact paper to put them on.  Is there anything contact paper can't do?  Right now, it's washing my dishes.  OK, it may be my husband doing that... but the contact paper is supervising.
I needed a cutie tag for the binder too, so I found a light bulb in Microsoft's clip art and printed it out.  I used my trusty scrapbook scissors to give it a fun edge and contact papered that too.  I punched a hole and put a ribbon through it to attach it.
Look at how happy the light bulb is.  Love it.

Then, I started in on my magazine pile.  I'm on Pinterest (who isn't, it's amazing) but I still need a place for the ideas that come to me in paper form and not online... I went through a few to start with...
This doesn't even scratch the surface.  Gracious.

I tore out the pages I liked, making sure to circle the exact thing I'm interested in, and put them in the binder in their appropriate location.  Everything must have a home.  And here is the binder's home, next to his brethren:
Like pretty maids, all in a row.  Look how sad the black binder on the left is... He's so embarrassed, he's trying to escape the shot.  Poor guy.

I know there are fellow binder lovers out there... SHOW YOURSELVES! :)

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  1. Just want to say I am a little bit in love with the binders. I used to binder everything long before I had twins. I one day hope to binder my life again.

  2. @Anonymous, you don't have to be ashamed... go ahead and say it, you're A LOT in love with binders. You are in good company. :)

  3. The homemade tags just set them off so adorably! Gotta do this! I'm going to try to get a great deal now that notebooks will soon be marked down. ;)

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow. I thought I was the only one. I binder everything. I have binders for my recipies. For my "to try recipies". For my cupcake ideas. For my party ideas. For my decorating get the picture. I thought I was going to have to join a support group, but couldn't find one. Thought I was the only one. Glad to see I'm not. Maybe we can support each other. (Or encourage each other?)

    The problem is that my binders aren't as pretty. Now they are having an identity crisis. I don't have a Target. ( can any town in America not have one? I've started a petition to get one, but doesn't seem to be going well.) After seeing your pretty binders, I need to upgrade. But don't know if my hubby will let me have more binders, even if they are beautiful. I think he's ready to cut me off.

    But maybe I can show him yours and he'll agree. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful, uplifing idea. I am definitly going to make mine a little more fit for company.

  5. @Kim @ KimsKandyKreations, your husband just doesn't understand the joy binders can bring. I'm sure he'll come to our side soon!

  6. I LOVE the binders too! I love your tags especially... I've been labeling mine with washi tape and that just opened up tons of color options that made me really excited, haha! : )

  7. @Mel the Crafty Scientist, I'm so glad all of you binder lovers are coming out! Binders are awesome... and we are awesome because we see how awesome they are. :)

  8. I am a binder loving girl too :) I would be really interested in seeing your Home management one. I am still working on mine and am always interested in other ppls :)

  9. I have idea binders for every season! I search out the cute binders during back-to-school time.

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  11. Omg you are me in a nutshell...I do the very same thing.I tear out the pages I like from magazines and they pile up on my kitchen table for months until I figure out the next project I need to undertake! Right now...its organizing all my home decor ideas and gardening ideas! Oh and Pinterest is the best thing since sliced bread.


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