Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Halfway Through July?... But I Haven't Even Taken All My Easter Decorations Down Yet.

Yeah. Halfway through July. I. Can't. Believe. It.

At my Hobby Lobby, they have the Halloween and Christmas merchandise out already. For realsies? Jeepers crow, this year is flying by. Every year, the hubs and I start our preparations for Halloween in August, so I'm gearing up for that now. I have a million ideas, so if I'm going to get them done, I need to start it early.

I'm planning a holiday extravaganza for the blog too, starting in October for Halloween and going straight through until New Years. I've spent hours already talking with companies about giveaways and whatnot, for posts that won't publish until October. Gracious. And I'm working on projects that aren't for any holiday at all as well.

I'm exhausted already.

Here's hoping that your summer is going slower than mine is... I'm sure you're sitting comfortably on some beach with a tropical drink in your hand, relaxing on your summer vacation. Meanwhile, I have to go spray paint a skeleton head.


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