Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If You Haven't Made One Of These Yet, Do It Now.

Those of you who have children can agree with the old adage that 'they grow up too fast'. This is insanely true. It also means that we are getting older way too fast, but I digress.

As parents in this technologically-obese era, we have the opportunity to document every.single.second of our children's lives. Pictures, videos, scrapbooks, mementos, and memories in general can all be stored neatly into your computer's hard drive, until you develop them into a hard copy of sorts, and sock it away to be put in a scrapbook someday. I'm with you.

Try this instead:

Take a picture of your dear child from the side. A profile picture, I believe the photog-savvy call it. I am not photog-savvy.
Look at that double-chin. He takes after his mommy.  Also, it's extremely difficult to take a picture of a two-year old.  Holy cripes.  This picture does not need to be a good-quality picture.  See how bright it is? It just doesn't matter, as long as the outline of their sweet little face is clear.

Print the picture out on regular printer paper.  Do not waste any expensive photo paper on this, it's just going to be cut up.  You'll need some cardstock to go forward from here... black and white is fine, but any two opposing colors would work too.  Go ahead and get the paper, I'll wait for you.

Got the paper? Great.  Grab your crafting or exacto knives and let's get to work!

Take the picture you printed out and paper clip it to the black cardstock.  Make sure the paper is secured well, but not glued to the cardstock.  Take your exacto knife and cut around the face of the picture, making sure to cut through the paper to the cardstock.  Once your profile is cut out, examine the cardstock.  If you used enough pressure, the profile will pop right out... if not, re-trace the lines or get brave and use your scissors to cut out the profile.  Once you are happy with it, tape it onto the white cardstock and tear up at the profile silhouette of your rapidly-growing child.

Can you see the little tuft of hair sticking up in that top one?  I might have forgotten all about how that little patch of hair would never lie down, but now I won't.  This project takes such little time and money that you can redo these every year, or until your children will no longer sit for the photo.  I imagine right around age 16 my children will have had enough.

These are all over the bloggy world... but I'm betting you haven't done one yet.  Your kids won't sit down for it in a few years, do it now! You'll love it, I promise!


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