Thursday, August 25, 2011

Did I Really Just Say That?

So, long story short... my children are odd little creatures. For your review, I give you the top ten strange things I said this week in response to one of my children's questions/actions.

"I don't think cows can be ballerinas."

"If your nostril hurts when you flare it, stop flaring it."

"Please tell me you didn't really eat your brother's sock."

"Yes, if zombies attack our house, I will let you have a chainsaw."

"No, you cannot have a 'practice' chainsaw."

"I am quite certain Daddy will not let us have a donkey."

"If Santa was made of marshmallows, then yes, I think he would be delicious."

"I don't know why the mailman doesn't deliver the mail in a plane."

"I understand that you want to be unique, but you cannot wear your shoes on your hands to school."

"Yes honey, I'm sure the President has to pick his nose sometimes."

This wasn't even our most interesting week. Good gravy.


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