Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Day At The Unfair. Yes, The Unfair.

Our town has a music festival every year, and the kids love to go and ride the rides. Last year, our oldest son Jonathan was old enough and tall enough to ride everything there, so we bought the bracelet that lets them ride all the rides until they can no longer function in carnival society. The 'un-fairness' started with the bracelet.

First, the kids were excited.  They were looking forward to this festival since we dragged them home from it last year.  Here's our little Noah, ready for the parade before the festival:
See that happy face?  Remember that.  Take yourself a mental picture of it, it will be relevant later in this post.

The parade was great (especially since my husband and I coached soccer RIGHT BEFORE THE PARADE STARTED and had to scramble to get a seat in time and we made it just in time) and the kids got a bucket full of parade candy.  You've gotta love small-town parades, they still throw candy for the kids.  The city we live next to doesn't anymore, although there has never been a child injured due to chasing candy.  Ah, well... anyhoo, we took the kids up to the festival after the parade and stood in line for the ride bracelet.

$17 for the bracelet. Unfair.

$1.75 for a single ride ticket. Unfair.

My husband went to the fire station to work (he's a volunteer firefighter) so I was alone with the kids.  They wanted a sno-cone.

$3 for a sno-cone. Unfair.

I caught up with the hubby around lunch time to see if he was hungry... and he asked for a pulled-pork sandwich.  Guess what we had for dinner the night before?  Pulled pork sandwiches.  Guess what we still had a mountain of leftover in the fridge? Pulled pork.  Guess what my husband had AFTER getting home from the fair? Two pulled pork sandwiches.  But I listen to my husband in all matters *cough*baloney*cough* so I went to get him a sandwich.

$5 for one pulled-pork sandwich. Unfair.  I would have gotten him a soda too, but the price was just under extortion.  Truly.

The kids loved the bouncy house:

My nephew and son loved the fast rides, too:
The back of that head belongs to my nephew... you can just barely see my son next to him.

Jonathan rode on the kiddie rides, too:

He only rode the fire truck one because he thought Noah would ride it too.  But Noah had hit his limit for the day.

The hubster took over following the kids around and I walked Noah home.  The walk is a little over a mile, but I figured I would carry Noah if he got tired.

He refused to let me carry him. Unfair.

He refused to walk at a decent speed.  Unfair.

A snail on the back of a turtle passed us and called us Sunday walkers.  Unfair.

And Noah got very fussy on the way. Unfair.
Do you see the fussiness? Trust me, it was there.  Remember that first picture up there?  That cutie was gone. GONE.  That was one long walk home.

Only 363 days until the next festival.  Perhaps by then, we'll have a second mortgage with which to pay for it. Sigh.


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