Friday, August 26, 2011

Today I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything...

Have you guys heard that song? It's cute... mostly because it usually fits my mood on a Friday.

Why do I feel like doing nothing on Fridays? I feel motivated on every other day of the week... and then Friday comes and I want to chill in my snuggie, watch some MTV so they can teach me how to dougie.

Sorry for that. You don't want to see me dougie.

OK, I'll do some stuff... I guess. I have to make a new budget for the month of September, so I'll start there. Is it strange that I like looking at budgets? If any of you have budgets posted on your blogs, let me know. That way, I can look at them all day and not do anything but still be doing something. Win-win.

Have a great Friday!


  1. I like to look at other ppls budgets also! So I don't find that weird at all lol. I really need to sit down and work on my September budget. I am not really movtivated though.

  2. Your post cracked me up! :-) My kids love that song. It does have a catchy tune. I haven't posted much a budget on my blog, but I have been meaning to share a bit more information. Maybe I'll do that next week! Have a great weekend.


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