Monday, August 1, 2011

Where Else Can You Spend $1.62 For All This?

So, um... wow.  I've got 75 followers.  That's nothing short of amazing.  I've decided to do a giveaway if I ever reach 100 followers... Thank you to all of you for reading my blog and following me!  We are all bloggy best friends for life. 

Just to inform you, the box of tea alone (which I really needed) was $2.50.  And I paid $1.62.  Those chocolate bars aren't for me.  Nope.

Here's my receipt:
... just in case you think I'm pulling your leg.  Which I would never do.  'Cause we're best friends and all.

Head to CVS to get your Extra Care Bucks card, you won't regret it! And while you're out, go get some super cheap back to school supplies (including FREE AFTER RR Crayola washable markers!!!) at Walgreens!  You can thank me later!


  1. Could you do a post about basic couponing 101? I've tried Googling a question about double couponing with zero luck.

    Is it particular days of the week that stores do this or is it usually a special for that week when a store doubles coupons?

  2. @Jodi @ Make Three blog, absolutely! I am preparing a CVS and Walgreens how-to now, I'll try to finish it and post it this week. For now, sign up for your Extra Care Bucks card at CVS... that's half the work!

  3. Love to see deals like these! GREAT!
    I'm a new follower from the hop! Great blog!
    Hope you'll hop by and visit my blog too!

  4. I'm follower #77 from Meet Me Monday. I hope you'll stop by my blog, follow back, and enter my giveaways.

  5. Great job! Can't wait for your giveaway, I know you'll get there soon. :)



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