Friday, August 5, 2011

Wordles. You've Gotta Try It.

I have been completely occupied the past few weeks with upcoming projects, mostly of a holiday nature. One of the projects I have become obsessed with figuring out was how to make my own printables... and then I stumbled onto Wordle.

This website doesn't exactly make printables, but it does make cute word art.  Go to the website... click the 'create' tab, type in as many words as you want, and click 'Go'.  You can rearrange the words, change them from horizontal to vertical to catty-whompus (I swear that's a word) and in different colors, too.  I have made some for the holidays, but I also made a regular one for my family.  I love that these can be totally personalized!  Oh, and it's FREE.  As in, it doesn't cost money.  None.  At all.  Here's my art:

I'm an artist... except it took like, two minutes and I'm fairly certain that real artists put a bit more time into their work.  But whatevs.  I put our names in it so it's totally personal!  I'm going to print it out and put it in a frame soon... go try Wordle!

**I have no affiliation with Wordle.  They don't know me.  Some guy wrote some awesome computer program and is sharing it with the world for free, so I had to tell you about it.

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