Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Don't Think There Are Any Typos In This Document.

My child is growing up. Rapidly.  I swear, I just brought him home from the hospital a few months ago, and somehow he's in first grade.  Holy moly.

I've seen lots of things online that are meant for keeping track of memories as the years go by, with cute questions for the kids to answer so you'll remember how cute they used to be when they back the car into the mailbox when they're 16. I've never downloaded them to use... want to know why?

They all had typos.  I'm that ridiculous.  So I made one for myself!

I've uploaded it to Google Docs.  I'm aware that this will only work for you if you have a six-year old. I'm going to add other ages tomorrow.  One thing at a time for this weary mother.  If you'd like to see my little kid questionnaire, click here!

**If any of you find a typo in that document, I may have a nervous breakdown. But tell me anyway.
***I've made all ages from One to Eighteen, they're available at the link.  If any of you can get your 18-year old to fill it out, please email me with your secrets to motherhood.
****How many of these postscripts can one blogger add to a post? One day, I'll find out.


  1. Thank you for your sweet comment on my Anxiety Help Notebook for my daughter. I appreciate you taking the time to visit.

  2. Very Good idea, Priscilla! I just know you are going to make a super neat binder to put all of these it too! Umm...maybe you'll win the cool Scrapbook Digital Software giveaway on my blog to go with it.

    Fingers Crossed!

  3. I hate typos, too!!! UGH. This is a cute page. I need one for 7, 5, 3... ;-) Thanks for posting this.


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