Monday, September 26, 2011

I Need A Spam Translator.

I got this comment the other day.  I didn't publish it, because it's clearly spam... but can any of you make sense of it?  This is the weirdest spam comment I've ever gotten. I took out the link that was included just to remove temptation.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "What To Do With String, Board, Nails, and Time?":

As allow the riches of of your instrumentality casket to locum tenens you in the refute to fritter more belly tubby, you should be persevering to bevy vegetables. You purposes already pass on identification to vegetables are a tremendous documentation of mouth-watering vitamin and mineral. Camp-ground on what you polish off a cheat they are also portion in succour you reach your heaviness wastage goal. Contrariwise honeycomb yard looking for untold unique budge to capitulate weigh down is the away with subdivision, or what is much trace on the gas down a zigzag up a like to "belly fat" SPAM LINK REMOVED.

The ok protector obloquy is that singular classification of vegetables be dressed been sticker which are categorically inquire in reach your bulk slaying goal.

What is an 'instrumentality casket'?  Or a 'honeycomb yard'? And, did he say i have 'belly fat'? Oh, it's on now.


  1. Wow, even Google translate doesn't mess up THAT badly! :)

  2. I couldn't ponder on it too gave me a headache (smile). Definitely spam. Let's hope you don't get it again.

  3. I've gotten some of those funny spam comments, too. I never had a clue what they meant.

  4. That's funny! I get a lot of strange spam comments, too. I've always wondered what it's all about.

  5. Just had this posted on my blog: "Stay up the good paintings!" Whatever that means.


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