Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm In With The In Crowd.

Pallet projects are all over the craft world and they're all displayed on Pinterest. A couple of weeks ago, my neighbor put a pallet on the curb for garbage pickup. The garbage collectors were uninterested in the pallet. I was interested.

I hauled it over to my porch, where it sat for a couple of weeks. I searched Pinterest for inspiration, hoping that I would see a picture of something and think, "that's it!" and merrily skip to my project.

I rarely skip.

Inspiration did not come from Pinterest, however. It came from tripping over shoes by the door for the eleventy hundredth time.

I set Jonathan to work with a sander, which made him extremely happy.
And then the hubs started pulling it apart.
There was no grand plan for this.  Usually, I've sketched out an idea and I have exact measurements and whatnot... but for pallet art (as I've told my husband it's called) the point is to be rustic.  So I told Dave where to cut and set him to work.
We used the scrap pieces to form the sides and then I let Jonathan paint.  I told him that it doesn't have to be perfect, which is why a six-year old is great for this job.
This is not a great tutorial, but one isn't really needed here... it's too simple.  The end result? A shoe rack.  For free.  That actually looks pretty good.
This picture is lame, I know.  It was already dark out and my camera is crappy and the moon was not aligned with the north star.  Or something.  But you'll have to trust me, this turned out so great. Pallet art.

I tried for weeks to find a shoe rack that I liked, and it was impossible.  A simple, two shelf shoe rack should not be impossible to find.  But I see now that it was all part of a grand plan for me to find a pallet and turn it into poetry.

I weep just looking at it.

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  1. That is really cute! I just love free stuff lol!

  2. I am now wishing I hadn't let my hubby burn the 2 pallets I rescued from my parents....!

  3. Great project! This is totally random thought but.....I just have to say, you would be a fantastic homeschooling mom! You are soooooo creative! It's obvious that you love to learn new things.

    You amaze me, and I never get tired of reading your great blog! Still making me giggle out that! ;)

  4. Nice to hear you feel the same way, I hate when my house is a mess not like it's ever really clean with 3 kids but when things start piling up I start to go crazy. BTW love this project I've been looking for something like this as well, but haven't been able to find it. Maybe if I have time I can try to make one. Thanks for stopping by following u back

  5. Love it! Love the paint treatment you added. Perfectly rustic. :)


  6. great job!!! I'm loving all the pallet projects lately...and yours is great!!

    Thanks so much for linking to 20 Below Thursday!! :)

  7. Hello, Pallets are so IN! Great shoe rack, haven't seen this yet, it's getting really hard to think of something differnt, I better get going on my pallets! Thanks for following, means a lot, now I am following you. Cute that the family was working together, Love it!


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