Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's Only Vinyl Letters. Why Do I Love It So?

I have a need to label things. Everything. I know, labels aren't nice... but I need them. If we could all label ourselves, I really feel like we would embrace it and be better off for it as a society. Or am I crazy? Don't answer that.

I have glass canisters for our coffee beans and tea. They were not labeled. I died a little inside every time I had to open them. Yes, the glass is clear and I can see exactly what is in them. That simply isn't the point.

Sassy Sites has a Silhouette. Yes, I am jealous of her. No, I won't let that affect my feelings for her. She makes poor Silhouette-less souls like me vinyl. She charges an extremely reasonable price. I jumped at the opportunity. Oh, and she ships fast, too.

Can you see the awesomeness? She even put instructions on how to apply it in with the vinyl.  She's a nice person.

She didn't give me anything to tell you this.  I doubt she even reads my blog.  But you needed to know.  Consider it vinyl-appreciation week.  Now, I'm off to label every other thing in my house... anyone know if Sharpie works on goldfish?

Oh, before I go... have you linked up at the blog hop yet? If not, I need you to leave a creative and interesting excuse in the comments. Or, just link up... your choice. :)


  1. I think we should all wear name tags, does that count for crazy and/or weird? Love the font of your labels, thanks for the info. I haven't posted anything new, so I haven't linked up yet. :(

  2. OK, nothing new, but I linked to the hop, most people haven't seen my blog yet anyway, right???

  3. I need to check this out, I want to label things


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