Thursday, September 8, 2011

The People Who Read My Blog Are Lucky.

I totally don't want to brag... but I'm gonna.

I have awesome readers. Oh, yeah. I have the kind of readers that other bloggers dream of having.

This is quite amazing, considering I'm a hopeless smart-ass who laughs at her own jokes. Well, my husband laughs at them... except sometimes, his laughter sounds like gentle weeping. Odd.

Just Peachy in Dixie is having another giveaway... it's a pretty awesome one. It's for digital scrapbooking software. I have entered it and fully intend to win. But if I don't, one of you will win. Know how I know? Because one of my readers won her last giveaway. I'm not sure if you are all lucky and just happen to read my blog, or if you read my blog and are therefore blessed with luck. I'm sure that's it.

Let's let our lucky streak continue. Click here to enter!


  1. You're a doll, Priscilla! Thanks for the shout out. :)

  2. LOL

    I need some of your luck. Could you rub some on my blog? I posted a giveaway last night and NO one has entered. I feel like the last kid picked in gym class. :P


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