Friday, October 7, 2011

31 Days of Halloween - Creepy Bat Garland

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This is another easy project that is also inexpensive to make! It does take a little time, but don't most good things? For my Halloween display, I thought a little spooky garland might add a little something... but have you priced Halloween garland lately? I'm not sure why it's so pricey, since it's paper... cut into shapes... but whatever. This Thrifty Crafty Girl can make it for next to nothing!

I found a black plastic tablecloth at Walmart on clearance for $0.75... I had the rest of the materials on hand... love it.  I took my tablecloth, a silver marker, and a bat cookie cutter and went to work.

I unfurled the tablecloth... that's right... I unfurled it, and lined up my cookie cutter on it to trace around it.
And again...
And again, times a million.  Or so.  Then, I sat in front of episodes of "The Tudors" on Netflix and cut them all out.  Henry VIII needed serious therapy.
Next, I taped thread to the back to give the garland something to hang with... because sticky putty is SO last year. :)
This would have been enough for most people.  But Captain Over-Does-It over here wanted a bit more...
I used glitter glue and traced the edges of the bats, covering it with glitter in the process.  I also covered my kitchen, self, husband and children in glitter, but that's irrelevant.

Because the hubster likes to feel useful, I let him use the air compressor on a very low PSI to blow the excess glitter off (this works like a charm, by the way).
There you have it! Bat garland that cost less than a dollar and looks amazing!  I'll be posting the final reveal of my Halloween display soon, but you'd better believe this is on it!  Happy haunting!

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  1. Wow, that is so neat, I would have never thought to do anything like that. Perfect for all those Halloween parties.

  2. Your bat garland looks - I can't think of an adjective for bats - but it's great!


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