Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Days of Halloween - Glittered Spiderweb Hurricanes

If you're enjoying my Halloween posts, be sure to follow with GFC or Facebook... I'm doing another 31 Days of Halloween series this year! 

Oh Martha, will you ever stop being a source of inspiration? Not today, she won't. To continue the 31 Days of Halloween series, I'm showing off my Martha-inspired Spiderweb Hurricane Candle Holders!

You can find Martha's instructions here, but this project is pretty simple. The hardest part for me? Finding FROSTED hurricane candle holders. Wow.

The project calls for a few supplies:

Black glitter
Glitter glue
2 Frosted Hurricane Candle Holders, one medium and one small
The spiderweb template from Martha's website

So simple, yes? Yeah... just try finding frosted hurricane candle holders anywhere in town. Go ahead, I'll wait... Not so easy, is it? No kidding. Luckily, I figured out an alternative.
I read online that there is a 'Frosted' spray paint, but I couldn't find it at any of my stores.  But this Matte Finish looked like it might do the trick... and it did!
That is one frosted candle holder.  Print out the template here and cut it out. It will fit oh-so-neatly into your holder.
Then grab your glitter glue.
 Let's talk about this product for a second:  First, can you believe the word "ART" is in Martha's name? Awesome.  Second, I have found that glitter glue is extremely necessary for some projects.  The glue itself isn't any different than regular glue I don't think, but the applicator has a fine-tip... totally necessary for a project like this.

Take your glue and start tracing out the spiderweb onto the glass.
The template is made for the shorter candle holder size.  For the larger one, I put the template in the middle of the glass and finished the top and bottom by just drawing out the lines to the edges.  Easy-schmeasy.

After you've glued an area, cover it in black glitter.
Tap the glass to remove the excess.

Keep gluing the lines and glittering... rinse, repeat... until you have two spooky candle holders!
Since the hardest part about this project was finding the frosted candle holders, I think you should try it.  They look great!  Watch for the final Halloween display reveal in a few days!


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