Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 Days of Halloween - Halloween Shopping

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Our 31 Days of Halloween extravaganza continues with one of my favorite topics: shopping.  Now, I'm not talking about the kind of shopping that gets the Real Housewives of New Jersey to declare bankruptcy or anything... did you see all the stuff she bought?  Holy moly... but I digress.  Today, we're shopping for all things Halloween.  If you aren't the crafty type, you can buy crafty... and at some bargain prices!

(This is not a sponsored post... I don't have any coupon codes for you... I have a zillion pictures of awesome Halloween stuff you can buy at stores that might be near you.  Enjoy.)

Fun party items at Walmart... cups for the kiddies and even molds for ice or jello... wouldn't an ice mold in the skull look great in a bowl of punch? For just a couple of dollars, too!
Shot glass ice molds! We aren't big drinkers over here, but if we were, I'd like to think we would be hip enough to have shot glasses made from ice.
A plastic skeleton.  What could be more Halloween than that?
These would have made that black rose wreath that I made so much easier! But, it's the crafting journey that we must appreciate.
This is where I found the lantern for the lamppost project!  I found lanterns on IKEA's website, but they are only available in-store... and I'm two hours away from the nearest IKEA.  Two hours for a $3 lantern seems a bit excessive, even for me.  Also, this one is adorable.
If you don't feel like making candle holders for your Halloween fete, just buy them! These are cute, come with the candles, and are only a few dollars for a set of four. Jackpot.
I dated this guy once.  It didn't work out.
I'm not big on the yard inflatables... one smart-alec kid with a pocket knife and my hard-earned money is down the drain.  Still, these are pretty cute.
Costumes for kids.  I squealed. Loudly.
We're at Michael's now.  Yes, I do drive fast.  I love these little plush Halloween guys!
The craft pumpkins are always on sale! (Good for making your own Halloween Carousel!)
I love these decorations... They're spooky and they come with lights.  That's pretty much all it takes for me to like it.
I love the Halloween Village items they have.  I have a nice Christmas Village, but I'm just starting a Halloween town... I love them!
These candle holders are great, especially if you don't have the time or the inclination to craft your own.  With a 50% off coupon from Michael's website, you can snag these for a deal.
I love this.  I want this.  But my Thrifty Crafty side thinks I could make it myself.
Spiders and butterflies, glittered and ready.  We are in Illini country over here, so the orange and blue is everywhere, even in the Halloween decorations.
I can only hope my husband stays this attractive as he ages.
I love the baking section at Michael's... they have everything.
More candles and candle holders.  These are the easiest decorations around, and they're all priced reasonably.  Still, my pocketbook and my cart are crying.
More black roses.  I really should have waited to do the wreath, it would have been so much easier.
These pictures change when you move... into really creepy pictures.  Which is how I did my wedding album, so it brings back memories.
I love the little tombstones and the cemetery sign would be perfect for our Halloween lawn!
More party goodies!
I was just telling Dave the other day that it's hard to find good body parts nowadays.
More skeletons.  I named the one in the middle Maurice.

That was just at two stores... if you don't feel like crafting, there are hundreds of cute decorations you can get to spruce up your Halloween display, and many for bargain prices.  Happy shopping!


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