Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 Days of Halloween - Halloween Wordles!

If you're enjoying my Halloween posts, be sure to follow with GFC or Facebook... I'm doing another 31 Days of Halloween series this year! 

Wordles! They're the new printable... all the cool crafters are doing it!  See my post here for instructions on how to make your own!  If you do make your own, pretty please post about it and comment with the link. I'd love to see what you created!  Here's what I made:

You've gotta love free holiday (or anyday!) craft projects!


  1. One of my teacher friends does this with her science vocabulary. It's so cool.

  2. That orange hurts my eyes, girly!!!! I'm going to check out your post on how to do this, it's very cool looking. I just posted on your display, missed it somehow, or forgot I commented. :P

  3. you're a cute crafty girl. I'm sure you had lots of fun over the HAlloween weekend. Thanks for sharing this link.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog btw!



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