Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 Days of Halloween - Jeweled Candle Holders

If you're enjoying my Halloween posts, be sure to follow with GFC or Facebook... I'm doing another 31 Days of Halloween series this year! 

Let's continue the 31 Days of Halloween party with an easy little project, shall we?

I have been researching projects for Halloween since New Year's. Literally. It is our favorite holiday and we tend to go overboard, so I like to look for inspiration early. I found this picture online:

I thought these were just adorable.  And I thought that all the supplies would be so easy to find! Ahem.

Do you see the votive holders in the picture? Do you see the shape of them?  So simple.  They should be available everywhere, yes? No.  They have votive holders of EVERY OTHER SHAPE IMAGINABLE.  I found them online easily enough, but you have to buy them in lots of 72.  Even I don't have need for 72 votive holders.  On a trip to Goodwill, I found some small juice glasses... they worked in a pinch.

Grab your juice glasses (or the votive holders that you probably found all over the place), some black cardstock (with some textured design if you can find it!) and some little jewels from the craft store.
Start out by tracing the shape of your juice glass votive holder onto the back of the cardstock or scrapbook paper.  If your glasses are angled at all, this is an especially important step! I remembered my geometry days, unlike the lamp redo I did.

You will end up with a strip of paper that looks a bit curved, like this one:
Wrap it around your votive and glue it up.

Take some rubber bands or hair ties and wrap them around the glass until the glue dries.  While you're waiting, have a cookie.

Once the glue is dry, take off the rubber bands and put some jewels on.  I found large ones that made the first candle holder a breeze:
I cut them at the right length, pulled off the backing, and adhered them to the paper.  So easy:

Do as many rows as you like, or until you run out of stones, as in my case. :(

The next one was a bit more challenging, but since when has that ever stopped me?  I lined the top and bottom of the glass the same way as the first, which went well:
And then I took the small jewels and started my shape:
Keep adding jewels until you're happy with your design:
And if you're happy with your design, that's all that matters.  It doesn't matter if your husband and oldest son think it looks more like a butterfly than a spider.  It just doesn't matter.  I'm assuming. Ahem.

This was an easy project and it looks great on the Halloween display! (You'll just have to wait a few more days to see the whole display!)  If you want a different design, a ghost or a bat would be really cute, and probably easier than a spider.  Happy haunting!


  1. Excellent craft idea!!!!! I love it!!!!

    Thank you for your encouraging words.

    Lioness- Happy Follower!!!

  2. Hooray, my Funkin arrived yesterday, thanks again! My kids love it and can't keep their hands off of it. The plan is to carve a witch face into it, then add a hat complete with hair. Then I'd like to purchase two or three white ones for a skeleton and ghost and probably mummy as well...then of course a standard orange colored one sometime.


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