Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 Days of Halloween - Spooky Book Covers

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This is an easy project that you can do in a half-hour or less, guaranteed!  Create some spooky book covers for books you have around the house to add to your Halloween vignette, bookcase or mantle!  It will be on my Halloween bookcase, along with other projects I've been working on! (You'll see all of it soon when I post my Halloween display pictures!)

Grab some cardstock in whatever colors you like.  I did a couple shades of cream, a silver-y blue and a silver-y... silver.  Yeah.  Think of some spooky book titles (and publishing companies just for fun) and open up your word processor.

Change the orientation of your document to landscape and type your book title.  Center the letters and type them on top of one another if you want them read vertically.  Add a spooky clip art at the top as well.  Put your publishing company name (I used silly ones like "Dry Bones Publishing" and "Broomstick Publishers") at the bottom if you like, and you're ready.  You may have to play around with the font size and clip art size to fit the books you're using, so be ready with regular paper to print on to test it first.  Once you have the placement right, cover your book.

I couldn't find any legal-sized cardstock (do they even make that?) so I just took regular paper (the paper I used to test out the placement) and taped it to the ends that were short.  This part of the book isn't shown in the display anyway, so it didn't matter.

Just wrap it around the book.  Easy-shmeasy!  Wrap the far ends around the cover like a jacket and tape them to the inside.
Voila!  So easy and cute!

Most of this month's craft projects will be displayed all together, so watch for that post soon!  Happy Halloween crafting!


  1. Your tutorials are the best, not to mention hilarious!!!! Sorry I haven't been by to comment lately so I'll just say it here. ;-)

  2. I love how you think of all the little details! Makes everything all come together. :)


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