Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Days of Halloween - We Call Him Henry

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Last year, my husband and I wanted to make a scarecrow of sorts for our cemetery in the front yard.  We constructed a stick man out of 2'x4's and found some old clothes from garage sales to dress him up.  He doesn't really look like a scarecrow though, so we just call him Henry.

We have a lamppost in the front yard that we use to hold him up.  We take the top of the glass part off carefully and just tie him to it.  He isn't heavy at all, so this works perfectly.
He's headless. Did I mention that? He holds his head in his right hand.  We carve a pumpkin with a creepy face and screw it to the wood block we use for his hand.  My husband wants it to be a giant flaming pumpkin head, but my voice of reason told him he was crazy if he thought I was going to go for that.

I said it with more charm, though.
Here's his hook.  We gave him a hook.  This was the most expensive part of the whole thing, at about $7 last year at a Halloween store.
I found a black sheet at Goodwill for $1 and shredded it with some scissors.  It works perfectly and it looks creepy when it's blowing in the breeze.
On Halloween, I'll post him with his head.  We are so close to Halloween, I can hardly wait!


  1. Scary! Flaming would be cool, but difficult to pull together I think.

  2. i love this idea! can't wait to see his head lol :)


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