Sunday, November 20, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving - Black Friday Ads

My husband calls it 'gladiator shopping'. Some people hate the entire idea of it, and stay home at all costs. Others put on their long underwear and, while still digesting the Thanksgiving dinner, set out to wait in line to find a bargain.

It is a blood sport, truly.

I used to go every year but now, sadly, I think I'm getting too old to go. The elements are hard on me and I no longer enjoy the thrill of the chase. I am going shopping this Friday, absolutely... but I'll make a plan and stay out of the busy places. Here are links to Black Friday ads that will be in Thursday's paper! Make your plan and pack your warm mittens, it's going to be a busy day.

Michael's (My favorite is first on the list.  They are open Thanksgiving night!)

Don't see the one you're looking for? Head over to to look for your favorites!

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  1. This list is to funny, we have some of the same favorite stores. I've never done the early morning thing though. I've only shopped on Black Friday once or twice. Now the internet, that's a different story!!!!


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