Thursday, November 17, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving - Candle Wreaths

I don't know if that's the right thing to call them, actually. Is there such a thing as a candle wreath? But really, they're wreaths that go around candles.

I just blew my own mind.

For this project, I had a couple of wreaths I picked up at Goodwill for a steal, some errant fall leaves and some decorative pumpkins.  I bought a couple of ginormous candles at Walmart for around $5 each.  I thought that was kind of pricey.  That's how out-of-touch this thrifty girl is about how much things cost without coupons.

See that Goodwill tag? $0.76 for each wreath. Dy-no-mite.

I hot-glued the leaves into the wreath, like usual...
I did it with the candle in the middle so I could see where to put them.  I put some pumpkins on top...
And I put candles in them.  Ta, and might I add, da.
Do you see that burlap runner? I won it in a blog giveaway from Redo 101.  It is so amazing.  Please tell me you're entering giveaways.

This could be used as a centerpiece, but I put it in the Thanksgiving display.  It looks great up there!


  1. I like your candle wreaths a lot. I'm glad you're shopping at Goodwill, my favorite store.

  2. Gorgeous!!! Yes, Priscilla there is a candle wreath. It's a real name. I am learning to look at things a little differently, thanks to blogging friends like you. It's a huge learning curve for me. Thanks for the inspiration every day!


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