Tuesday, November 8, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving - Glowing Hurricanes

These are cheap, easy, fast and pretty.  That is all it takes for me to love it.

You'll need:

A couple of hurricane candle holders
Orange tissue paper
Unfold the tissue paper and, using one sheet only, wrap it around the glass candle holder.
Cut it where it meets and tape it up.  Take more sheets and wrap them around the same way, but place them farther down the candle holder, about an inch or so.  Cut and tape.

It would be easier if I just showed you how it looks at the end.  Spoiler alert.
See? Lighter at the top, darker at the bottom... easy.
And pretty!


  1. No Way!!!! To stinkin' simple, love this! I just have to find the hurricanes and that apothecary jar I see you have in your display....


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