Wednesday, November 16, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving - I Made A Printable. Phew.

The following is a sample of inner dialogue I had recently:

I love these holiday printables on Pinterest.  So cute.  Why does my leg itch? Weird. These printables are great, but I would feel like a sham if I put it on the blog... I mean, I didn't make it.  It isn't authentic that way. Seriously, why is my leg itching? I could make my own printable.  I mean, I'm a smart girl with a flair for all things Word, I could totally make one. Oh, the kids stuck a lego in my sock, that's why it's itching. Mystery solved.

So I decided to make a printable.  And confiscate all legos.  Ahem.  Can I just say that IT IS NOT AS EASY AS YOU'D THINK TO MAKE A PRINTABLE. For reals.  And I fancy myself to be a smart gal.  I give 'props', as the cool kids say, to anyone who does this on a regular basis.

 You can find the printable here.  If you'd like a rundown of how I did it, in case you want to make your own, keep reading.

Here's how I did it (I didn't take any screenshots because I was fairly certain I was doing it wrong. For the next one, I'll screenshot like a madwoman.):

1. Open a blank Word document.
2. I added a picture of a turkey in the middle and then added text boxes all around the page, in different sizes and layouts.
3. I added words to the boxes.
4. I went, one by one, and changed the font and size of the words until they matched the shape and size of the text box, roughly.  This took some time and I know there is a more efficient way of doing things, but that's how I roll. Oh, and you should download some free fonts, they have some cute ones out there!
5. If there are any words that just won't fill in the size text box you need, alter the size of the box to fit it.
6. Add new text boxes in any voids created when you followed step #5.
7. Add clipart of your choice to any empty boxes made in step #6.
8. Save your work.
9. Change the colors of your words to whichever ones you like. I saved this for last, but you could easily do it any time after step #4.
10. Save your work again.
11. Tell your husband you are now a graphic designer and tune out as he explains that they do a whole lot more than just make printables all day.
12. Sneer at husband.

There you have it... I lost a bit of my innocence that day. I hope you like the printable!


  1. Priscilla,
    So cool! You inspire me! I am going to try this for sure.



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