Sunday, November 13, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving - Obligatory Kids Turkey Craft

Yes, it's an obligation to make a turkey craft with your kids.  I'm not sure who made the rule, but from what I hear, it's becoming a federal law.  So make sure you're in compliance this holiday season.

Gather up some paints in various turkey feather colors, some paper plates, toilet paper rolls and whatever you would like to decorate a turkey's face with.
Cut the paper plates in half...
Against your better judgment, set your kids loose with paints and brushes.

Paint the paper plates like turkey feathers and the toilet paper rolls like the turkey's body.

Against your better judgment, allow your husband to use the paints, too.
Let everyone keep a-painting.
When it's all done, let it dry.  After it's dried, glue the body to the feathers.

Sit back as the family argues over which one is best, all the while knowing it's yours.

Have you done any turkey crafts with the kids yet?


  1. Cute craft. I'm cracking up at how you wrote it. I'd tell you which one I like the best, but I'm afraid I might not pick yours and we wouldn't be friends anymore. Gobble, gobble, gobble.

  2. these are so precious. i used to make santa and mrs. claus out of toilet paper rolls. i had no tutorial which is why they always looked slightly deformed. bless my momma for still putting them on display. merry christmas.

  3. very colorful lots of fun creative I love it goobly good!

  4. Love ir and kids will love it too

  5. Super cute idea...perfect for my daisy scouts:)

  6. Great idea! I wanted to let you know that I included your link on my blog if you want to check it out:


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