Monday, November 14, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving - Paper Wreath

I love scrapbook paper. Truly. I will buy scrapbook paper with no project in mind for it. Pretty paper is the key to my heart.

To continue our 24 Days of Thanksgiving series, we're going to make the cutest paper wreath ever. Really. I've submitted it to the Guinness World Records to verify it.

The idea came from another blog, Inspire Me Crafts. Pay it a visit, you'll find oodles of inspiration. And she probably doesn't use words like 'oodles' to annoy you.

Find some scrapbook paper, you'll need 10 pieces.  For this wreath, I got some autumn-y shades.

These are the 12" x 12" size, but we need 8" x 8" to start with, so I pulled out my handy-dandy paper cutter.  Once you've cut them to 8" x 8", you need to cut them in half again so they're 8" x 4".
At the short side of the paper, fold it in half to make a pinch. A pinch of paper. Pinchy, pinchy, pinchy.

The glue fumes have gotten to me.

Glue it.
I used paper clips to keep the pinch closed until the glue dried.  Worked like a charm.
Do that for all your pieces.
Pretty maids, all in a row.

Once they're dried, you'll start stapling.  You can glue if you don't have staples, but it will take a bit longer.  Figure out what order you would like the paper in and line them up, starting at the open part of the paper, not the pinch. Staple as far down as you can.
There was Halloween paper on the back of the autumn paper.  Don't be alarmed by the pumpkins.

I stapled a section at a time, since doing the whole thing in a circle would have been hard.
Once you have sections stapled, put the whole thing together.
The middle didn't line up perfectly for me, but try the best you can to staple or glue the center.  It doesn't have to be perfect though.
Look how cute it is!

I cut out a circle of paper to put in the middle.
Look at the happy little raccoon.
Tape it to the center and you're done.  Easy and cheap!
Hello, little raccoon! Look how cute you are! Stay out of my garbage.

I'll be back tomorrow with more Thanksgiving awesomeness!


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