Saturday, November 12, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving - Poor Charlie Brown

I'm sure you've all seen "The Great Pumpkin"... and I'm sure you've enjoyed "A Charlie Brown Christmas"... but you haven't lived until you've watched "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving".  Or maybe you have, what do I know?  To continue my 24 Days of Thanksgiving series, we're going to talk about Charlie's Thanksgiving and how manners said bye-bye to these children long ago.

The premise of this Charlie Brown installment is simple enough: It's Thanksgiving.  Charlie and his family are going to celebrate it.  The ill-mannered friends of Charlie however, have another plan in mind.

Basically, they call Charlie and invite themselves to his house for Thanksgiving.  All of them.  One by one.  Do these children not have homes?  Criminy.  And poor Charlie can't get a word in edgewise to tell them, "actually, I'm going to my Grandmother's house, you pushy, harpy kids".  So Charlie has Snoopy prepare a Thanksgiving feast: buttered popcorn and toast.  I know that's what we serve every year, too.

The ungrateful children come over and get cranky about the food.   They invite themselves over and then get mad when there's no Thanksgiving feast.  I'd have kicked these kids to the curb five times by now.  But Charlie doesn't... instead, he calls his Grandmother and tells her about his friends and she invites all of them over to eat dinner.  They sing on the way to her house.

Despite all of my criticism of the Charlie Brown children, this movie is cute.  Watch it... the sight of Snoopy popping popcorn with Woodstock buttering toast will make you smile.  Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. My daughter just bought the three pack of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas DEVs. She said it was for Cate. I'm not so sure. hehehe

  2. We must be twins in another dimension, I love this movie/book too. I remember watching it with my daughter, the food is the best. Popcorn and toast...

  3. I love all the Charlie Brown holiday shows, they're such classics


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