Wednesday, November 9, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving Playlist and a Giveaway!

We continue our 24 Days of Thanksgiving celebration with something that I think makes the Thanksgiving dinner even more amazing: the Thanksgiving playlist.  These are in no particular order... download them, burn them to a disc, and push repeat (or shuffle on your ipod!).

Thanksgiving Theme - Vince Guaraldi Trio... could anything be more traditional than this song?

I've Got Plenty to Be Thankful For - Bing Crosby.  You cannot go wrong with Bing. Period.

Kind and Generous - Natalie Merchant.  Not actually about Thanksgiving, but it's perfect for the holiday, truly. I love this one.

The Thanksgiving Song - Jessica Klee.  I'd never heard of her either, but this is a cute song about the holiday.

Autumn Leaves - Miles Davis.  I don't own enough Miles Davis.  Must rectify that problem.  This song can be hard to find, so if you have trouble grab the Bing Crosby version.  Every song problem can be solved with Bing.

Little Birdie - Vince Guaraldi.  Also not about Thanksgiving, but it talks about a 'birdie' which is close enough to 'turkey' to make my playlist.

The Thanksgiving Song - Dave Holiday Sylvester.  A very cute song, and perfect to listen to around the table.

Carvin' the Bird - Charlie 'Bird' Parker.  If you aren't familiar with Mr. Parker, allow me to introduce you.  He is amazing.

Shine on Harvest Moon - Betty Carter.  This is a happy little tune.  You will enjoy eating your mashed potatoes while listening to it.  Of course, you would have probably enjoyed eating your mashed potatoes anyway, but I digress.

Song for You Far Away - James Taylor.  He is my all-time favorite music artist.  This song is amazing and perfect for thinking of those you can't be with on Thanksgiving.  Buy some James Taylor, your soul will thank you.

Thanksgiving Song - Mary Chapin Carpenter.  This song is dear, and perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - George Winston.  No playlist is complete without it.

Baby, It's Cold Outside - James Taylor with Natalie Cole.  Some say this is a Christmas song, but I think it's a winter song... and it's probably cold out already... add it and sing along.

If you're getting your house ready for company, these songs will put you in the holiday spirit:

Be Thankful - Natalie Cole.  Love, love, love this.

We Are Family - Sister Sledge.  This song is best if you are getting your house ready with the help of family.  You should all take turns singing the verses.  You'll be smiling in no time.

Homeward Bound - Simon and Garfunkel.  Try not to sing along.  I dare you.

Family Affair - Sly and the Family Stone.  It's just awesome.

I hope this gets you in the Thanksgiving mood!  But if it didn't, maybe a giveaway would?  How's about a $25 gift card to iTunes?  Yeah, I thought that would do it!

To enter, become a follower of Thrifty Crafty Girl and leave a comment about your favorite holiday song (if you're already a follower, leave a comment telling me you were already super-awesome)! Get an additional entry if you post about the giveaway on your blog and grab a button (leave another comment that you did it!).  The giveaway ends on Sunday, November 13th at 11:59pm Central Time. I will choose a winner at random... good luck!


  1. I'm a follower! And I love all Christmas songs, it would be waaaay too hard to pick.

  2. I'm already super Awesome! Thanks for hosting the hop...I wanna win a giveaway already!

  3. I am already a follower and I love Holly Jolly Christmas and really any Christmas song!

  4. you know i be a fan of all things christmas (and your blog). my fave christmas song is the slightly depressing but excellent "please come home for christmas" by the eagles. uuugh. so good.

  5. I'm already awesome. ;) (meaning I already follow your blog) Out of your list for Thanksgiving, I LOVE Autumn Leaves, I used to be able to play it on the piano, but not anymore. My favorite Christmas song is Oh Holy Night, but only if it's sung correctly. My favorite version is by Josh Groban. I also like Simple Gifts (well let's be real, I love all Christmas music ;D)

  6. Yay!! What a fun give-away!! I really love "Oh Come all Ye Faithful"...

  7. @lacey, oh I love that one too! My favorite Christmas song is "I'll Be Home For Christmas" which is also really depressing... but it's amazing.

  8. @Tyler, Alexis, Karielle and Jillian, "Autumn Leaves" is wonderful! I like to pretend that the Pilgrims would have had this on their iPods if their internet hadn't been down that day. ;)

  9. I love "Let It Snow"... kind of like "Baby it's Cold Outside" where it isn't necessarily a Christmas song but people always assume it is!
    -Amber (aolney AT olivet DOT edu)

  10. I love all Christmas songs. I can't wait to bust out my Christmas play list! I follow you on Pinterest and with Google reader. Love your blog!

  11. Okay, well I'll have to have my daughter help me find and download these songs, cause if you like them I know I will too. I do like many of them already, but it will be nice to have an actual playlist put together. I'll post about your giveaway in the morning!

  12. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRISCILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WON SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! YOU'RE THE BEST!


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