Saturday, November 26, 2011

Goodwill Celebrates The Holidays Too.

 **This was a guest post I did over at Life in the Thrifty Lane, just in case you missed it!

Hello Life In The Thrifty Lane readers! I'm Priscilla, the blogger behind Thrifty Crafty Girl!  Veronica asked me to guest post for today, which to me is the equivalent of being asked to DJ an awesome party.  Who's ready to hear 'Muskrat Love' over and over?

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and I was slapped in the face with that fact when I went into my local Goodwill this morning.  They have their holiday wares out in full force.  Here's what I managed to find!
I know that, from this angle at least, it looks like Mr. Peanut.  I can assure you, it's a glass snowman.  I'm going to take out the plastic piece under the hat and fill him with holiday candy. Pretty and delicious. Oh, and it was only $0.76.  Do you believe that? I might have done a little happy dance.
Another glass piece, this one priced at $0.56.  The plastic at the bottom is cracked, which is OK with me since I'm planning on removing it anyway.  I think I'll fill it with greenery and lights and make a little skirt for it out of felt.  It will be adorable, I'm sure of it.
This little felt pail was $0.56 too! Fifty-six must be my lucky number today!  I love this little pail.  I think I'll put some old ornaments in it and put it in the Christmas display.
Do you see this little sled? It's adorable, and in mint condition!  And, it only cost $0.96! I think I'll add some little felt mittens to it and lean it up on the bookcase this year.  Too cute!

If you aren't ready for the holidays yet, don't worry... Goodwill has bucket loads of Halloween stuff out, too.
I love this little guy! I put a candle in him and added him to the Halloween display.  At $1.96, this was my most expensive purchase of the day... but just look at his face... he needed a home.

Quick, run to your Goodwill for the holiday awesomeness! Oh, and if you have a few minutes, come check out my blog! Become a follower and I'll obsessively stalk read your blog!


  1. a goodwill trip is in my near future. happy christmasing!!

  2. Thank you for the heads up, I will definitely head over there : )

  3. Hey, just discovered your blog! Loving the thrift! I too am on a wreathy thrift mission :)


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