Monday, November 28, 2011

My Trip To Heaven. Oh, I Mean Ikea.

It was like a warmth that washed over my body and this time it wasn't because of a potty-training accident.  No, this time, it was accompanied by angels singing and birds chirping.  I think I saw a deer prancing merrily alongside a rabbit.

I went to Ikea.  The closest one is over two hours from where I live.  I had to pay a toll along the way.  It was totally worth it.
I've never been to one before.  Again, because the closest one is over two hours away.  Did I mention that it was worth the trip?
I asked if I could live there. They said no.
I asked how long I could sit here until they asked me to leave.  They said 'closing time'.
I asked how long I could nap here and they said 'the store record is three hours.' I could beat that.
I love this pillow, it's such a happy pattern. Unfortunately for me, today I'm only here for 'practical and necessary', not 'happy'.
I love this. I would tell you why, but one shouldn't explain art.
Hello fellow Ikea shopper! Let's link arms and skip through the furniture warehouse.
I needed this.  I didn't know where I would put it or what I would do with it, but I'm sure I needed it.
I wept when I got here.
When I got to this one, a nice lady gave me a tissue to clean up my sobbing.
I laid on this.  Oh, yes I did.
This is quite roomy, but not roomy enough to fit yourself in.  I found out the hard way.
A crafter's dream, boxes and boxes of frames.  Delicious.
I couldn't love these little lanterns more.  They aren't available online, so scoop them up on your next trip.  Tell them I love them.

Come back tomorrow to see what I did buy and what I made from it.  I'll give you a hint: it's awesome.


  1. Heehee, great post! I had the same feeling when I went once (also about 2.5 hours from me!). Love the photo comments, especially your testing of wardrobe roominess! :D

  2. Ah I am sooo jealous! I miss living near an IKEA at one point I lived 5 minutes away that was a bad idea then 2 hours which was better now I am 10-12 hours away!! So sad!!

  3. Its funny how Ikea looks the same all over the world :) Our new house is only 15mins from Ikea, very dangerous!!

  4. I love Ikea I wish the people there would just come organize my house they make small spaces look so much bigger and functional

  5. I've only been once myself, and oh how I felt the love like you did. I wanted to move into a teeny tiny apartment, just so I could utilize all of the cool space saving, smart products. I love the little mock apt they have set up. **Grins**

  6. We don't have an Ikea close to where we live, so I don't get to go often either. Any time I do make it to an Ikea, it's like a whole world of reasonably priced wonders has opened up before me! Thanks for visiting my blog! ~jen @

  7. The closest IKEA to me is 5 hours away and I'm more than willing to drive there (you know, if I have other plans in the beach area, win-win).

    I just came over from your post on Darling Doodles. Your comment about your husband not thinking you're funny. Haha, mine says the same thing about me! Made me giggle, I'm not alone! :)


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