Tuesday, December 20, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Christmas Cookies

I have to start this post by telling you that this was supposed to be yesterday's post.  I had planned to bake cookies with the kids on Sunday, so I would have a Christmas cookie post to start out the week.  And then our house was hit with a plague the likes of which we've never known.

I was in bed all day Sunday with chills.  I couldn't sleep.  I was miserable.  I told my husband that we most likely contracted some tropical parasite except we never go anywhere.  The parasite would actually have to be vacationing in our house in order for us to get it and as far as I know, we aren't a hot tourist spot.

Moving on, I was feeling better yesterday, so the kids and I celebrated that I survived my vacationing parasite by making cookies.
Jonathan rolled them out.  Yes, he's still in his jammies.  It's Christmas break.  To be frank with you, I was still in my jammies, too.  No judgment.
He cut them out, too.  This is the same recipe we used here, so simple and basic but tasty.
Noah woke up from his nap cranky until he found out that cookies were in the works.
Noah laid out all the cookies for frosting.  I was very surprised that they all ended up on the wax paper and not in his mouth.
I frosted and they sprinkled.  Jonathan told me a story about what happened to him in school last week and Noah just kept saying "oh for goodness sake".  I don't know why, but the whole thing was very cute.
Tell me that you've made some cookies with the kids this year.  Tell me that you enjoyed it.  Tell me that your kitchen looks like a war was waged between pastry chefs just like mine.


  1. I hope to make sugar cookies by myself tonight. (Do I sound pitiful?) I just really want some!

  2. Glad your feeling better! Your boys are so adorable, love to hear stories about them. Well, my daughter and I are not making cookies this year. Sad, I know, but I'll just eat them. She and her boyfriend already made Chocolate Chip for me to take to school last week and she and her bff made cookies this morning. I'm not a horrible mom, and we've done it many times in her last 17 years. :O

  3. Sugar cookies are my absolute favorite. I have cutouts for pretty much every major holiday (except Thanksgiving) but I will be making some soon with my kids. I still have a couple of days to get it done. :)


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