Saturday, December 24, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve.  I fully expect that no one is reading this because you're all with your families and counting down the hours until Christmas.  I really hope that's where you all are...

I am knee-deep in flour and sugar.  I have been baking since dawn.  My eyes will no longer shut on their own and are requiring assistance from my fingers which have gone on strike since I rolled eleventy thousand pinwheel appetizers and eleventy billion peanut butter balls.

I can no longer feel my feet.  There is a sharp pain in my back that is either a slipped disc or the onset of osteoarthritis.  My knees have turned a shade of blue not normally seen in nature.  It's possible that I'm bleeding from my ears after the Jim Nabors Christmas music that mysteriously appeared on my iPod.  Because of the finger strike, I couldn't turn it off.

I have cried seven times, six of them because of a Hallmark commercial and once when I realized I still had five recipes to make by dinnertime.

Please enjoy your Christmas Eve.  Sip some warm cocoa by the fire and watch "It's A Wonderful Life".  At the end of the movie, when George's brother calls him the richest man in town, I weep like a child.  Much like the weeping I am doing now.


  1. Oh, Sweetie! Stop crying and stop making so much food for everyone else! Christmas won't be ruined if you don't get it all done...I PROMISE! Now, you get a cup of tea, take some ibuprofin and go have a nice nap. Seems to me that the best present you could give yourself right now is permission to not be perfect. If some woman in you don't know in Minnesota says it's ok, you can too. I'm sending lots of love your way and sprinkling it with a bit of pixie dust so you can just go and cuddle up for a little snooze.

  2. Merry Christmas Priscilla! Thank you for all of your entertaining posts and fabulous crafting ideas!

  3. Priscilla, have a Merry Christmas and I'm sure your hard work will be appreciated!


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