Tuesday, December 13, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - I Am A Christmas Card Hoarder.

First things first, I need to announce the winner of the Martha Stewart glitter set! The winner that was drawn at random was...

Michelle P! She's a frequent commenter and I sometimes like to guess what the "P" stands for... Pzinsky. Petrie. Potholder.

See? Lots of fun. Anyhoo, thanks to everyone for entering! I love you all more than chocolate and ice cream. For reals.

Moving on to today's post, I am a Christmas card hoarder. I don't know why, but even after the season is over, I cannot bear to throw out a Christmas card someone has sent me. I think to myself that I might use them in a project or something, but mostly they just sit in the Christmas decoration box until the next Christmas when my husband queries about why they are still in the house. Really, he queries.

I decided to make them into something. I grabbed last years' cards and some ribbon, along with a hole punch.
 I lined them up, punched three holes in the side and threaded the ribbon through, knotting it when I was done.
See? Easy-schmeasy.  And now, I'm not hoarding... I'm decorating cheaply which makes me awesome.
Here it is, next to my Snowman Family Portrait, Glitter Trees and the votive holders that say 'hope' and 'noel' that I bought for $0.20 on clearance at CVS.  'Tis the season but after it's 'tis the season, I shop the clearance section like there's no tomorrow.

So tell me, do you get sentimental about the cards you're sent?  Or do you throw them out like last week's newspaper?


  1. You are definitely awesome! I like your idea of keeping them on display like that. I'm sentimental about mine and keep a few after the holiday. I've also saved some for the pictures.
    And, I love that you found votives for $0.20. I'm looking forward to after Christmas shopping this year because I won't be traveling as I have in the past.

  2. We don't get many cards because we don't send any out but I for sure save the few that make their way to me. I like to cut the images out and use them for gift tags. Sooooo much prettier than the cheapy packs you buy in bulk!

  3. That is such a fabulous idea! I use to hold on to my cards for a month or 2 after Christmas and then discard them. Unfortunately, now all of my Christmas cards are via email :-( But I will be using your idea going forward.

  4. I've got cards from over 10 years ago! Some just have tons of sentimental value, others get replaced as I receive the "new" card from the sender each year. I usually put mine on a shelf with some lights under/through them, I like your idea.


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