Monday, December 19, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Make Your Own Gift Bag

So, it's cold outside. Also, I'm cranky. I need a gift bag for a present but I'm not going out there. And you can't make me.

I'm going to make my own gift bag. And it's going to be awesome. I did mention that I'm cranky, right? You have to disregard any of my sass... well, not 'normal' sass, just the extra sass.

I needed the gift bag for my silhouette ornaments. They didn't come with a box and I couldn't find one the right size. And I'm not going out there.
I grabbed some pretty wrapping paper and a small shoebox.  The shoebox was dusty.  I think it worked better that way.  I used some ribbon too...
What I did was make-believe wrap the box.  It was make-believe in the sense that I am only wrapping one end and I'm not taping the wrapping paper to the box.  But I don't do that anyway.  I don't like it when the tape rips the box.  So... yeah.  Anyway, moving on.
I cut out enough wrapping paper to fit around the box...
I folded down one side of the wrapping paper.  It is the side that will be at the top of the bag.  Then I started wrapping...

If you have double-sided tape, that would probably be better.  I stocked up on tape earlier this year when there was a super-duper sale and a coupon that made it free but I didn't get any double-sided 'cause I'm a cotton-headed ninny-muggins.
Wrap the end of the shoebox... this will be the bottom of your gift bag.
I ran my fingers over the edges so they'd have a nice crease.  Then, I pulled the box out.
We're almost done...
Look how cute.  I took a length of ribbon and cut it in half...
And I taped the ribbon to the inside of the bag.
Kaboom.  Done.  And I didn't have to go out there.
Isn't it great when laziness makes you MORE productive? :)


  1. Hee hee, cotton-headed ninny muggins! Love it! That bag looks great! :) x

  2. Are you kidding me?!? This is fantastic, I never would have thought of this, thank you so much Priscilla. Hugs~Lori

  3. I am so impressed that you were able to make that. Good job! Do you think you might start making all of your good bags, maybe even in advance? Just wondering.

  4. @Grammy Goodwill, so I looked in my wrapping paper stash where I have gift bags given to us for birthdays and whatnot... I looked at the price for one of those bags. It was $4.79. FOR ONE BAG. That's more than that whole roll of wrapping paper cost me, so this is much cheaper. And to think I just thought I was being lazy... it turns out I was being lazy AND thrifty. :)

  5. That is such a great idea, I must give it a go with my rather large mountain of wrapping paper...!!

  6. Looks great! Here are some gift bags I made from scrapbook paper:


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