Saturday, December 3, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Silhouette Ornaments

**This was a guest post I did over at Darling Doodles, just in case you missed it!

Hello Darling Doodle readers! I'm thrilled to be guest posting over here today!  Did you know that when you guest post for someone, you can walk around your house all day wearing a tiara?  Yeah, my family didn't know that either.  Let's talk Christmas gifts!

Recently, on a 'how-long-will-this-last?' conversation with my mother, she suggested that my sister and I, along with my mother and my aunt, draw names for Christmas so we only have to get one present for the family.  She had me at the words 'Secret Santa'.

To give you some background, my mother collects things.  She's not a hoarder, to be sure, but she has way too much stuff.  And wouldn't you know it, I drew her name for the Secret Santa.  In not wanting to contribute to the clutter that has become her home, I decided to make her gift a small one, at least in size.

I had some clear ornaments (bought during last year's clearance sale at Michael's) and some white and black acrylic paint.  I grabbed them and went to work.
I poured some white paint into the ornament to paint it on the inside... then I turned it over to let it dry.
In the interest of keeping it real, can I tell you that this thing took forever to dry?  I mean, forever.  My husband kept saying stuff like "It's not dry yet, stop checking it" and I kept saying stuff like "mind your own business, buster".

We're a fun couple.

After it finally dried, I had my oldest son post for a profile picture.  He, being already six years old, was very accommodating to my request... my two-year old, not so much.  At any rate, I got a good profile picture of him and printed it out.  I used my craft knife to cut out his cute little head and then taped the picture to the ornament.  Confused?  Here's a picture:
See? Just the outline.  Then, I stenciled in black paint...
And let it dry.  Which, by the way, only took about two minutes.  Go figure.

I took off the paper and used a toothpick to sharpen up the edges.  And that was it... after a billion days of drying, and five minutes of actual work, her secret Santa gift is done.
Look at that face.  And do you see the little tuft of hair that sticks up in the back.  I love that little tuft of hair.

I hope you'll come visit my blog soon!  I'm much funnier than you'd think, really... unless you ask my husband who doesn't find me funny at all.  But what does he know? :)

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  1. Love it! Thanks for linking up to the Head to Head Showdown! Jen @

  2. Hey, I just found your blog & love all your crafty stuff! I`m your newest follower :)

    Sarah at Crafting & Creativity

  3. This is perfect for your mom! What Grandmother wouldn't love an ornament of their grandchildren?! It can stay out all year.

  4. What a great idea, I love ornaments that capture the little ones as they are growing up. I have been impressed by every post in the 25 days of Christmas thus far. Thanks for always sharing gorge ideas! ;)


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