Wednesday, December 28, 2011

When You Get Right Down To It, I'm A Strange Girl

Now that we're past Christmas, I will be taking a crafting hiatus.  Only for about a week though... I'll get itchy if it's any longer than that.

But, I must blog.  Even if I'm not crafting, I must blog.  It's an addiction at this point.  Here's some weird stuff about me that you most likely did not know.  And you might not want to know.

1.  I time myself doing things sometimes.  Like, how long it takes me to make a peanut butter sandwich.  I don't race through it though... I really just like to know how long it takes me to do stuff.  I know... strange.

2. I love watching TV, but crafting invades the activity. For example, I was watching an episode of "The Walking Dead" and they were hunting for these zombies and they crawled over pallets and I listed four things I could have used those pallets for. My husband felt my head for fever.

3. I don't care for the saying "Say what you mean and mean what you say." I don't know why, I just don't like it.

4. I find the children's cartoon "Phineas and Ferb" immensely funny.

5. I wear socks when I sleep.  I've been informed that this is something I'm not supposed to be doing.

6. Sometimes I wake up with one sock off with no recollection of how that came to be.  My most likely guess is sock-swiping gnomes.

7. I don't like saying the words 'matchy-matchy' but I enjoy when other people say it.

8.  Symmetry is extremely important to me.  If there aren't an even number of things or something is asymmetrical, I break out in hives.

9.  I am a compulsive list-maker.  On most of my lists, I've even listed that I need to make more lists.

10.  I am a video game master.  Whatever the game is, I'm terrific at it.  In high school, the boys I dated would eventually refuse to play video games with me because they never won. Sore losers.

I post these strange facts because I know that there are strange things about all of us... leave me a comment with a weird fact about yourself so I don't feel so alone!


  1. Uh oh. I slept in my socks last night, but at least the gnomes didn't find me. I still have both feet in socks this morning. When I travel, I try to beat the mileage sign. If it says 60 miles to home, which I estimate at 60 minutes, then I try to get there in less than 60 minutes. I'm brain dead and can't think of any other weird things about me.

  2. I like salt on lime jello and frequently make up songs about chicken nuggets. The extra kitchen towels in the drawer MUST be rolled...not folded. Weekends are often dubbed "NO UNDERWEAR DAYS" because wearing a bra stinks. Coffee tastes better when served in small cups. I haven't purchased a box of tissue in years. Most of my neighbors have been trained not to throw away anything made of wood before they run it by me. See, Priscilla, you aren't the only weirdo out there. :)

  3. @Grammy Goodwill, I knew I wasn't the only one who sleeps in socks! I love the mileage thing, but I must keep it a secret... if the husband finds out about that he'll make a game of it and accumulate a million speeding tickets.

  4. @Anonymous, I would pay to hear the chicken nugget song. No lie. :)

  5. I love this! Weird Me: I often count, in my head, when I walk or climb stairs, I dislike the word 'raw, just sounds bad. Is liking peanut butter and Miracle Whip sandwiches weird? That's it for now.

  6. @Lori, I am a stair-counter too! I don't like the word 'dollop'... and peanut butter and miracle whip sandwiches sound just awful. :)

  7. I count when I am bored, like rocking in a rocking chair...and always till 100 and then I start over again...something to do with when I had my twins and counting to 100 was the magic number to get them asleep and now 5 years later still counting when I rock.

  8. I always sleep with my socks on in the winter otherwise I get cold. I tend to make up lots of songs with my kids names in them I'm sure they'll hate it when they are older. If I set my alarm or put anything in the microwave it has to end in an odd # There are some many more maybe I'll make a post about them one day....we should totally do a link up with this post:)

  9. @jessicaclarke, if I set a number on something, it has to be even. I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one with number issues. A link-up would be awesome, all of us with our quirks can unite!

  10. Hi! New to your blog...(sorry I don't remember how I got here)...(must of been link jumping in blog land). Anyways, this post cracked me up (#1 especially...hilarious). I kind of do the same thing...I listen to music while I clean...and I say to myself ok I have to have the counters and stove clean by the end of this song or the living room vacuumed by the end of the song, etc. Weird, I know. But I get so focused on getting that certain task done fast and I don't dilly dally or get preoccupied with something else. Kind of like those games you trick your kids into playing so they'll help clean. (Yes, I do a little celebration dance if I finish before the song is over.) Keeps me motivated to clean.

  11. @MarLaney, I do the same thing! And, when the song starts, I clean to the rhythm. You know, the more people that are commenting to this post, the more I think that we aren't the strange ones... all the 'normal' people are. :)

  12. I like odd numbers and if I am counting and there are an even number of whatever, I have to recount one so I end on an even number. I love peanut butter and butter sandwiches, but I HATE the smell of peanut butter breath and I won't even talk to my husband if he smells like it. I have forbidden tuna cans in my house, I don't mind anyone eating tuna, I just don't want to smell it! The sound of chewing makes me want to stab the chewer with a chicken!!! My husband tells me that he knew I was the one he was the love of his life when we were dating and I was cooking dinner and said "dang it all to heck and back" (he was in the kitchen on the computer and I didn't think he was listening to me) and then I went on to make up a story about a fictional town that I was raised in called Heckenback, Wisconsin. I guess I rambled on about it for about a half an hour before I realized he had stopped playing his computer game and was just staring at me with his mouth open.

    1. Juliebug137, it's possible that we are related. I'll check my family tree. Now, you need to write a book about the town of Heckenback, Wisconsin, where they have banned tuna fish and peanut butter breath. Just like that town in Footloose where they banned dancing.


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