Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Awesome Stuff I Got For Christmas

Do you remember when you were little and you would go back to school after Christmas break and you'd tell all your friends about the awesome stuff you got?  Consider this the adult equivalent of that.

I got some awesome stuff for Christmas.  Since I didn't get anything I'd like to 'accidentally' throw away, I wanted to share the highlights.
This blanket is awesome.  Do you see that it's a damask pattern?  One of my blogging friends actually found this at her local Walmart and sent me a picture of it because she knew I'd love it.  I immediately put it on my Christmas list.  Oh, and it's super warm and cozy.
Pink bunny slippers.  These are so super, words fail me.  Just above them, you'll see some new socks and fuzzy pajama pants.  I would have taken a picture of me in the pants but one of my New Year's resolutions is to not post pictures of myself looking like a whale.
An iron.  Have I mentioned before that I didn't have one?  We are a wrinkly family over here... until now.  This thing is ginormous, too... I have so many things I want to try this out on.  I'm in love with this thing.

Did you get anything awesome for Christmas?


  1. I never iron. As soon as you wear the clothes it gets wrinkly again! I would iron a shirt for an interview or if I had a really professional job. Luckily for me, most labs you just wear whatever you like as your lab coat covers it anyway!

    Mmm, that blanket looks so cozy!

  2. I love the blanket, I still have an iron in the box from our wedding 3+years ago I guess u can tell how much I iron

  3. @jessicaclarke, you know, I really don't intend to iron that many clothes with that new iron... I have several craft projects that I've been putting off because I needed an iron for them.

    Crafting is much more important to me than wrinkle-free clothes. :)

  4. I got a new set of rubbermaid easy find lid set...rocking my world...and snowflake jewlrey from the hubs!

  5. @Carey, I love that the Rubbermaid set is rocking your world... It would rock mine as well. :)


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