Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blogging Resolutions

I've been blogging for over six months now.  I have learned a lot.  A real lot.  And I have so much more to learn.

Since I love blogging and I want to do the best job I possibly can, I'm making some resolutions for the year.  I really want to keep them.  Really.  Hold me to it!

1. Watermark pictures on the blog.  This is just a good idea, plain and simple.  I don't think it will be terribly hard to do, I just need to do it.

2. Post often.  I do this pretty well, I think.  I post almost everyday.  I'm practically shoving my blog in your faces, for cripes sake.  Luckily, you guys are awesome so you don't seem to mind.

3. Comment on other blogs.  I've been patchy with this.  I need to communicate with other bloggers more than I'm doing now.

4.  Step. It. Up. I am not taking any chances, crafting-wise.  I'm playing it safe, posting projects that I think will be easy and I think I (and you) are ready for some projects that challenge.  I'm still not using an arc-welder, though.

5. Couponing. I'm still couponing like crazy and need to post the great stuff I get for free so you can all jump on it, too.  The past few months I've only been posting crafts and I need to at least post something coupon-y (totally just made that a word) once a week.

6. Twitter. I have a Twitter. (The cool kids just say that, 'a twitter'.) I don't really utilize it... I should start. I'm exceedingly verbal, so this should be easy enough.

7. Facebook.  It might be time to jump on the facebook bandwagon.  I have a personal facebook account, now I need to make one for the blog.

That's enough for now.  If I make too many resolutions, I'll set myself up for failure and end up on the couch in a fetal position, crying into a bucket of strawberry ice cream.


  1. Ok, I good with your resolutions, looking forward to the changes. Except....Twitter and Facebook; I'm just thinkin' it might make you a little crazy keeping up with so much media interaction. I know people do it all the time, but I'm just looking out for ya...oh, and why can't we play with the arch-welder? Really? Come on. I think a welding class would be cool though. Hugs~Lori

  2. Watermarks on pictures are super easy for me. I use Picasa. It's free! I choose the pics for my blog, go to FILE, go to EXPORT TO FOLDER, and then I can resize my ginormous pics and add watermark of my choice. Super easy! If you find a better way though, let me know!
    What I've found about FB & twitter (didn't know it was "a twitter" btw) is that the more people I like and follow, the more who like me back. ;-)


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