Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Can Rock A CVS Cart Like No One Else.

I needed paper towels, that was the whole reason I opened the CVS ad... on the front page they have the 12-pack of Bounty paper towels clearly pictured as part of an awesome deal: Buy $30 of these products, get a $10 CVS Gift Card.  I accept your challenge, CVS.

Pantene hair products were also included in the deal and there was a pretty good coupon in Sunday's paper, making for some cheap hair products.  Dawn was also included and since I wallow in the sadness that is not having a dishwasher, I am always in need of it... and a pretty nice little coupon was in the paper for that, too.  It's kismet.
I paid $12 and some change for this after my coupons and a couple of ECBs... and I got a $10 Gift Card back.  So really, I was out a couple of bucks for the whole thing.  Paper towels never looked so good.  The Nivea lip balm in front was a moneymaker: after coupons, I paid $4 and got a $5 ECB back.  And my lips are ever so soft.

Not sure how to shop at CVS? Check out this post!


  1. Wow! You can rock that cart for sure!

  2. I need to start using coupons more...but most importantly I need to be better at planning my shopping trips. Usually we stop for milk and end up with a cart full because we figure might as get everything we need since we're here. I usually don't have coupons with me.

    The first time I used coupons (not very many since I'm new at it) my husband said "wow, if we did that once a week we'd save at least $60 a month! Awesome!"


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