Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Display

It's the new year!  I love the first of the year, everyone is so motivated and talking about all the things they're going to work on in the next twelve months.  Resolutions are hard to keep, but I should at least try to remember them through January, right?

We took our Christmas decorations down and that included the Christmas village on top of the bookcase.  Wanting to leave some sparkle up for the new year, I decided to decorate the bookcase again in the hopes that it would make me remember my New Year's motivation.

I went with whites, silvers and golds... I'm not sure why but it looks so pretty.  Oh, and the pictures are awful... truly.  It was hard to find any decent lighting today and when you put that together with a point-and-shoot camera, forget about it.
 I never underestimate the power of some ornaments and beads in a vase.
 It's a fluffy felt wreath.  So easy to make and so cute.
 I decorated a foam cone with glitter wrapping paper that I couldn't use because tape wouldn't stick to the glitter.  It looks pretty on the cone though!
 My beloved apothecary jar.  I will be buried with this.
 I found some snowflake scrapbook paper and I spray glued it to a hurricane candle holder.
I found some glittered fruit on clearance at Michael's.  I'm not sure why glittered fruit is festive, but I sure like it.

Any other tips for keeping that New Year's motivation?


  1. Everything is so nice...definitely like the apothecary jar.

  2. Pretty! I don't know why but for some reason I've never even thought about decorating for winter/January/new years. Now I am seeing beautiful displays like yours and I think I need to jump on this idea!


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