Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ribbon Holder, I Adore Thee.

Months ago, I saw these awesome ribbon holders on Pinterest.  I made my own version and blogged about it here.  It worked just great, with one little problem.

It wasn't pretty.

I'm trying to make things pretty.

Never mind about the pile of mail to be sorted and the laundry that needs to be folded.  It will be pretty someday.

After the dresser makeover I did, I had some wood left over.  And this wood was nice too, too nice to let it sit and do nothing.  It called to me, asking for a project.  And so, I delivered.

I started by making a box (sort of) from the wood.  The hubster put it together and sanded it for me.
He's all man and all mine.

I had him drill holes to fit 5/16 dowels.  This was a bit of a production because my husband can be a bit of a prima donna. THAT'S RIGHT BUSTER, I CALLED YOU OUT.

Once that was done, I put some ribbon in to make sure my measurements were right.  I used the widest spool I had... this was not the widest ribbon I had, I just needed to measure the width of the spool itself.
My measurements were perfect BECAUSE I AM AWESOME.  Am I shouting a lot today or what? Must. Calm. Down.

Then I painted.
And then I admired.
Even without ribbon, it was pretty.  I added in my ribbon and basked in the joy of prettyness.
The hubbsie make some snarky comment about how I made it too big and didn't have enough ribbon to fill it.  Well pally, as soon as this snow storm subsides, I'm off to buy more ribbon than you ever though you'd see.  I'll fix you good.

Would you believe I'm this sassy to my husband on a GOOD day?  He loves it. :)

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  1. That was his mistake. He should have known that telling you that you've made it took big is only going to fuel your fire into buying more. I love it, once I get everything situated at the house, I hope you don't mind if I steal your design! ;)

  2. I love it! Ribbon is one of those things I change how I display it --ALL THE TIME!!! lol. Here is a freebie Jim came home with for me. It is no longer in this location or looks like this, but still...

  3. I love this & I featured this on my blog today:

    :) Sarah

  4. Came over from Amanda's...great diy project! I am looking to create something to store all my ribbon spools as well. Love this!

  5. I love this idea! Ribbon is so pretty and when it's on display, you can enjoy it all of the time and perhaps use it more often. I think you should go out and buy enough to fill your display!

  6. Such great storage! Thanks for linking up! : )

  7. I'm so in need of one like this too for my craft room!! Thanks for sharing :)


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