Wednesday, January 11, 2012


That's me.  I'm so stressed right now the word 'stressed' isn't enough.  I must add another syllable to it, thus making it sta-ressed.

My sister had me make something for a friend of hers for Christmas.  The friend loved it, which was great.  Then the friends friends loved it.  And then my sister agreed to make 12 of these things for these friends.  Except she wasn't making them... I have to make them.  Quickly.

Oh, and I have a house to run.  A checkbook to balance.  Couponing to do.  Children to raise.  A husband to give me grief.  A blog to write.  Crafts to make.  Dishes to do.  Laundry to fold. Groceries to buy.  Dinner to cook.  A nervous breakdown to have.

I am struggling to find balance.  And listen, although I love you all more than chocolate and ice cream, if any of you comment about how you have found this balance and your houses are clean, dinners are perfect, hair always in place and your blogs are winning awards, I will cry into my keyboard, possibly starting an electrical fire and burning half the town to the ground.

There.  I feel better now.


  1. First off, let's start off by saying... My house is perfectly clean and my hair is in pla... Who am I kidding? Girl, those ladies saying they have their stuff together are worse off than we are! What's life without a stress-er to ruin your ENTIRE day... heck, maybe even week. If you (or I) weren't stressing, the World would implode. To get rid of stress, I take these simple steps.
    1: I go into the most cluttered, horrific part of my house (eventually you'll get to see pictures of it, it'll make any hoarder look ashamed).
    2: I stare at everything and swim.. somehow to the middle of the room.
    3: I scream at the top of my lungs, as if no one can hear me through the mountain of junk, sometimes I even cry my eyes out.
    4: I go into the most clean part of my house and eat some cookie dough (sometimes, without any clothes on). That's my stress be gone method. I hope if you give it a try, it can make you feel like a Stepford wife, too.

  2. Keep your head up. Take a deep breathe and remember that you're not super one is. H
    Maybe have your sister help you or push the deadline for making them? Or blog every other day instead of every day? Just suggestions, don't burn yourself out, it's not healthy for you or your family.

    Hope you feel better.

  3. I read an article somewhere...sometime....about the pitfalls of trying to be the perfect parent for your kids and having it "all together". Your kids will start to expect perfection in everything they do and will be sorely disappointed and mal-adjusted when they go off into the real world and discover that sandwiches don't automatically come with their crusts cut off...or something like that...So take heart, you are creating a house full of well-adjusted kids!!

    Maybe there's a future small business making these "somethings" that seem to be a hit with your sister's crowd!

  4. ((hugs))

    Does it make you feel better to know that my house is an absolute disaster, my hair is a mess (I desperately need a haircut!), no one ate the dinner I made last night and my finances are laughable?

    Take a deep breath and then prioritize. Are these gifts your sister signed you up for needed as quickly as you feel? That's where I would start. If they can be set aside for a day or two, do that. Would making a list help? Sometimes if I find myself overwhelmed, I write everything down and then I can see that either a) it's not as bad as I think or b) it's not going to be as hard as I thought organizing it and making more headway.

    Either way, good luck! I'm stealing your Stress Management Kit. :)

  5. I didn't brush my teeth until 9:30 today (I was up at 6), lol. You'll get through this - big deep breaths. Good luck getting what you need to get done, done. :)

  6. Just say you don't have time to do it on your own! Tell her to lend a hand (maybe even do the dinners or something if she isn't crafty?) or do something else!

    What was it that you made that was so popular?? :D

  7. All I have to say is your sister better not be taking all the credit! Hang in there--you'll get everything done, hopefully with your sanity intact!

  8. Good luck, friend. I know you can do it, but my goodness. You must be so busy. I agree with Bryallen ~ is there any way your sister can help? (Maybe she could clean the toilets. hehehe)


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