Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Crafting Domino Effect

I'm certain that I'm not the only one that this has happened to: the crafting domino effect.

I need a work surface that I can craft on and use for a desk.  I have these scrapbooking storage cubes that I could use, but they're being used in the bathroom for storage.  So in order to get them, I have to find new storage.  New storage for the bathroom would be silly if I didn't also get some storage for the kitchen, to use as a pantry.  So, just needing a work surface turns into three projects.  Let's get started, shall we?

I found a great bathroom storage unit at Target.
I'm not sure if you can read the box, but it says that it's an Armoire with 'real louvered door'. As opposed to an imaginary louvered door.  Anyhoo, I set the husband to work putting it together.
He did such a good job.  Good hubby.
If I can mention, this piece came together pretty easily.  I have apprehension about put-together pieces like this, always worrying that it will be hard to put together and not sturdy... this thing is pretty durable. (Target did not pay me to say that, but if they want to, I'll take the payment in store credit.)

I found some damask fabric (I'm clearly obsessed) and set about adhering it to the back panel.
I even violated child-labor laws, once again.  I did get him a happy meal though, so I think it's cool.
Adding fabric to the back panel of any of these put-together pieces is such an easy and cheap way to dress it up.  Give it a whirl, why don't you.

I screwed the panel into the back of the armoire...
And now, the view from the front:

I put the shelves in and had the hubster haul it into the bathroom.  I emptied out the storage cubes and threw out anything that was expired, and put the rest into the new armoire.  I had more fabric, so I took some appropriately-sized cardboard boxes and wrapped them up to make them pretty.
This whole project only took an afternoon and it's made a huge difference in there!  Next up, the storage-cubes-turned-desk!

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  1. That fabric is a perfect addition to your armoire. I love how it turned out.


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