Sunday, February 5, 2012

Walgreens and CVS Deals for the week of 2/5/2012

It's February already.  Before we know it, we'll be putting up the Christmas tree again.  I should put the Christmas lights up now, since the weather here is more fall-like than winter-like.

I'm not bitter.

Just a few deals this week at your favorite drug stores.  Free aspirin, which is always good to have on hand!


Sheets Energy Strips, 10-pk, $3.99 with $3.99 RR
FREE after RR

St. Joseph Enteric Aspirin, 36-ct, $2.00 with $2.00 RR
Free after RR

Need to know how to shop at Walgreens? Check out this post


Zarbee's Children's Cough Syrup, 4 oz, $6.00, get $6.00 ECB
FREE after ECBs

Need to know how to shop at CVS? Check out this post!

Since the deals are slim today, I'll be spending my day crafting.  I have a project I need to use spray paint on, which would normally present a problem in the January temperatures.  But since there are people outside in bikinis, I think I should be OK... unless I get heat stroke.


  1. Funny... I am putting away Christmas and January, (snowmen). I needed to clean my big closet first! Have a great week!

  2. THANKS! Just ran out of Zarbee's and it's normally $9 at Walgreen's. My 3 and 5 yr old are really sick. They love Zarbee's, especially the theraflu like tea packs of it, they call it their Special Tea.

    Have a great day!


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